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August 27, 2013

Samantha Stosur


V. DUVAL/S. Stosur
5‑7, 6‑4, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ You almost got out of it there at the end.テつ Take us through the match, particularly the last couple games.
SAMANTHA STOSUR:テつ Yeah, I mean, I guess I almost got myself back into it.テつ But, yeah, by far didn't do enough from 3‑Love up, 4‑2 up in the second.テつ Yeah, just let every single opportunity slip away, made way too many errors.テつ At the end of the day it really cost me today.

Q.テつ At the end did you feel she was trying to close it out?テつ Hard for young players to close matches like that.
SAMANTHA STOSUR:テつ Yeah, I've been in that position before.テつ I know what it feels like.テつ Of course, you try to draw on that.テつ It's not the only thing you can rely on.テつ I needed to step up more, do more.
Again, not make those errors.テつ If you're serving out a match, you're going to be pretty nervous, your opponent gives you every other point to stay ahead in the game, of course it's going to make you feel better.
You know, I feel like credit to her.テつ I'm not going to be a sore loser and say she didn't do anything.テつ But, you know, I think I certainly helped her out there today, that's for sure.

Q.テつ Did you have trouble reading her serve?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:テつ Yeah, I don't know if it was a matter of reading it.テつ Yeah, certainly, you know, not a fast serve.テつ A girl like her, you kind of expect it to be maybe a little bit harder.
But, you know, obviously did enough today to bother me.テつ I didn't take enough of an advantage of it.

Q.テつ What exactly did she do from your perspective that was surprising?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:テつ Look, I think she played from the ground pretty decent.テつ You know, she went for her forehand a lot more than maybe what I was expecting, from what I could kind of find out beforehand.テつ She hit that well.テつ She hit that cross‑court forehand well.テつ Moved relatively well, all that.
I again, she played a pretty good match.テつ It was certainly a match where I feel like I could have played a lot better than what I did.テつ At the end of the day, that's what happened today.テつ She did well.

Q.テつ Do you think by any chance you underestimated her?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:テつ No.テつ I mean, I've played a lot of matches where, you know, you're playing someone who you don't know or you're a lot higher ranked.テつ I probably lost enough matches where I maybe should have won that I don't really underestimate anybody, no matter what their ranking, where they're from, what the occasion.テつ I don't think that's the right way to go into a match, especially in a Grand Slam.

Q.テつ Do you think the sort of unusual lead‑up you had to this tournament made it harder to come out of the gates here?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:テつ Look, I don't know.テつ Who knows.テつ It certainly wasn't, you know, the preparation I've been used to.テつ But, again, everything happens for a reason.テつ Things happen when they happen.
You know, it is what it is.テつ I can't change it.テつ I went into it.テつ I was prepared as what I could be.テつ Unfortunately, I got this result.

Q.テつ Coming in, did you feel in practice you were hitting the ball well, moving well?テつ Any indication in practice things weren't going well?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:テつ No.テつ I mean, before coming here, I spent a few days in Florida, had some really great practices down there.テつ Came here, played really good practice.テつ Hit yesterday, felt good.テつ Certainly wasn't, you know, stressed out about my game not being there, being able to play well enough to win through today.
You know, I've had decent preparation.テつ I really can't complain about the lead‑up as far as being on court.テつ Yeah, probably makes it a bit worse.

Q.テつ What about her game was the most difficult for you tonight?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:テつ Oh, I mean, like I said before, I think she played from the ground pretty well.テつ She liked it when I kind of went hard and flat.テつ I thought she used her forehand quite well.テつ She hit that well cross‑court.テつ You know, she did what she did.テつ I mean, you guys all watched it.
Again, it's one of those things.テつ I think she played well.テつ Like I said before, I think I certainly helped her along the way.

Q.テつ You spoke about the technical aspects.テつ What were your thoughts of her poise in the big situations?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:テつ I mean, I guess you can't really fault her too bad.テつ There were a couple match points, I hit a couple of winners.テつ I'm sure she was nervous.テつ I mean, if I was in that position, I'd definitely be nervous, trying to serve out a match, or even at 5‑3 when I was serving, she had those match points.
But she held it together.テつ She kept going for it.テつ When she got the chance to step up and hit a winner, she did it, just like on match point.
Again, credit to her.テつ She did what she had to do.

Q.テつ What happens now with the coaching thing?テつ Put the feelers out?テつ Take a bit of time?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:テつ Yeah, I guess now for sure you start looking around, talk to a few more people about things.テつ Certainly not something that I was really doing before I was playing here, probably wanted to do during the event.
Yeah, I guess now it's an opportunity to start doing that.テつ Time will tell whatever happens.

Q.テつ What do you make of your year as a whole?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:テつ Well, it's been a couple of good moments, but it's been some pretty average ones, too.テつ First round of the US Open is not a good feeling.テつ I'm probably going to give a much worse answer right now than maybe a more logical or less emotional one tomorrow (smiling).

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