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September 12, 2013

John Merrick


Q. ¬†John Merrick, 4‑under par 67 in round 1.¬† Is that a good score today?
JOHN MERRICK:  Yeah, I think so.  The wind is blowing pretty hard out there.  I felt like I played well.  It was pretty breezy out there today, so no, I played nicely today.

Q.  Your eagle on 3, talk about that.
JOHN MERRICK:¬† Yeah, it really kick‑started my round for sure.¬† I just had a wedge shot, was just trying to get it up there on the front edge somewhere, and it got a good kick and luckily went in the hole.¬† It's nice to get good fortune like that sometimes.

Q.  Pretty windy out there today.  Was it a huge factor for you guys?
JOHN MERRICK:  Yeah, that's probably the biggest factor.  I think the course is built for it, for the wind, so it's nice to have some room to drive it out there.  But it's tough.  It's tough, it was kind of changing directions all day, and it's probably the biggest thing that makes it tough out there.

Q.  Green speeds and rough were talked about prior to the start of this tournament.  How did that perform today?
JOHN MERRICK:  Yeah, the greens are quick.  They're holding pretty well, shots coming into the green, but they're very fast.  I don't know what they're running on the stimp, but they're pretty speedy.  And the rough is not too bad.  You can get some good lies in the rough.  I had a few pretty bad ones around the greens, though.  Yeah, it's a difficult course.

Q.¬† You had a very interesting pro‑am the last Playoff event at Deutsche Bank.¬† Why don't you tell us about it.
JOHN MERRICK:¬† Yeah, my amateur partner mistakenly took Chris Kirk's bag out of the locker room and thought it was a rental set, so he was out there carrying a bag‑‑ I thought it was one of Chris's old bags or he got it at an auction or something.¬† It was pretty funny, it took me a hole to figure it out.¬† Well, the kicker was, too, he had his shoes on, too.¬† Luckily a guy from the TOUR came out and had a rental set and some shoes, so we had a good laugh about that.¬† I hadn't heard that ever.
So hopefully that's the only time that ever happens.

Q.  Chris got the clubs back, but what about the shoes?
JOHN MERRICK:¬† Yeah, I actually texted him in the middle of the round, and I said, hey‑‑ I showed him a picture of the guy with his shoes on, and he's like, he still has my shoes on?¬† I'm like, Chris, no, he only wore them for two holes, when he figured it out.¬† I like you, I'm going to look out for you.¬† It was just kind of a funny situation.

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