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October 28, 2004

Alastair Forsyth


Q. Do you like this place?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Today was a good, solid round. It's quite calm, earlier it was windy but the last maybe four, five holes it picked up, so it was quite good. Quite calm after that. I holed a couple of decent putts for par, as well.

Q. Is the sort of course you either love it or you hate it?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: I think everyone has got the same opinion, really, is that it's a hard course. It's always immaculate, but it's a tough course without being long. I think other than just a few modifications would make it a lot better. But it's tough when you know you're going to get yourself in trouble.

Q. Is this a short course or a driver's course?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Everything, really. You have to drive it well, because if you're not accurate off the tee you're in the trees all the time. And your iron shots, as well, I'd say you have to get in position on the greens because you can leave yourself with no putt at times because the greens are fast. And you have to be rolling the ball well, as well, or you could end up leaving yourself or 3-putt an awful lot if you're not putting too well. Your whole game has got to be solid.

Q. Do you have a fond memory of a hole?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Not any particular hole. Obviously 17, stories about the 17th hole. But last year, I got off to a horrible start, 9-over after eight holes last year. So I was pleased to get through the first ate eight holes.

Q. Where were you at the same point today?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: After eight, I was 2-under I think. Yeah, I think I was 2-under. Yeah, I birdied 18 to go 2-under there.

Q. As an event, though --

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Yeah, definitely. Absolutely. Suppose end of the season, Top-50 or Top 20 for the Open now. The U.S. Open, if you're not -- it's the last tournament of the year, there's no cut, and a week in the south of Spain, it's different, big money.

Q. Looking back, pretty decent season?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: It's a pretty decent season. Not as good at last year because I knew it was going to be tough to follow-up because I made such a big jump from one year to the next. I felt if I had done as well at last year, I would be really pleased.

Q. What do you do now between this one and the next?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: I'll just go back for a couple of weeks.

4th, one of the few holes, I had to choose left down the tee and knocked it down, just had to chip it. Only had 150 yards to the hole, so I had a 3-iron and the pin was up on the back right and the ball was above by feet as well. Kind of faded in and out. Faded in and out and drove it back in the middle to the back of the green, so it was a relief to get on the green about ten feet out.

Q. The Tour just released the schedule for next year just this morning, and there's four events in China, which is as many as are in Scotland. What's your thoughts about that?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Yeah, obviously, I think playing more and more co-sanctioned tournaments over there, and obviously I'd prefer to be home. But if that's where they are going and where the money is, then I think that's where we've got to go. I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all, it's fantastic, four times in China. I think all of our guys choosing our schedule and not just playing a full schedule, not a lot of them play week-in, week-out. But at the beginning of the season, you can pick and choose, and you play two here and come back, and play two here. But I think if we play for a lot of money over there, people will feel they have to go. But no, I don't think it's a bad thing.

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