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October 30, 2004

Alastair Forsyth


GORDON SIMPSON: Alastair, very well played. With a three-shot lead going into the last day, I'm sure you're glad to get a good night's sleep knowing the hard work is tomorrow afternoon and not in the morning.

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Yeah, definitely, it would have been a pain to have to come back tomorrow morning. So I'm delighted to get finished. I thought when they said to go back out at 6:00, I didn't think we would get finished. But no, pleased to have finished, especially to pick up a couple of birdies on the end, as well, and keep the lead.

GORDON SIMPSON: Was it hard to keep the concentration levels up? Because you had made a couple good ones before.

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Yeah, it wasn't a good time for me to stop. I just wanted to get -- I think I putted 11 and 13, I just holed a good putt on 13, so to get called in at that point, it wasn't ideal. And also, I went out and bogeyed 14 right away which was disappointing, but I was pleased to come back and birdie 16 and 17. You know, that more than made up for it. It wasn't a good time but it hasn't made any difference.

Q. What were your putts on 16 and 17?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: 16 was about 20 feet and 17 was about six feet.

GORDON SIMPSON: You've won a tournament before and you've had chances before; have you been in as strong of a position as this?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Certainly not in a tournament of that stature. Obviously I won in Malaysia, but I suppose the pressure was on me just as much because of the situation I was in at the time. But no, I felt very nervous at the start of the day and I'm sure I will be nervous tomorrow. But I handled it well and once I got going, I was fine. But obviously tomorrow will be a tough day. I've got some good players breathing down my neck.

Three shots is certainly not enough. So I've just got to go through and hopefully do what I did today and just keep playing good, solid golf as I have done the last three days. If it's good enough; if not, then so be it.

Q. When you birdied on the 17th, you didn't actually look very happy; what was going through your mind at that time?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: I don't generally do a lot of smiling on the course. No, I was delighted. I think I'm delighted to hole any putt, and I just maybe don't show it as much as some other people.

Q. Do you have to alter your play because Valderrama is a hard course and you have to play conservative?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: You have to play conservative. Most of the time you have to pick and choose trying to attack. If the weather conditions and winds conditions are the same, I don't think I'll alter my game plan at all, certainly to start with anyway. I don't see changing anything.

Q. What's changed in this tournament from earlier in the season? What's brought about this confidence you seem to be playing with?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: It's really just all fallen together at the moment. So far this week, my whole game has been good. I've been very consistent, but I've had tournaments where I've hit the ball well and putted poorly or my short game has been poor. I've been working hard on my short game and so far it's been very good, which is something that's very important here because you're going to miss greens. But generally, just my whole game has been solid, which I really haven't been doing all year.

Q. Did you sense that coming into the tournament?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Yes, at Mallorca, I finished 7th at Mallorca, wasn't driving it well, but I putted very well and the short game started to come together. And I kind of did the opposite last week in Madrid; I hit the ball great and couldn't hole a thing. So I was obviously just waiting for the combination to come, and this week, so far that's happened. So I just hope it keeps going tomorrow.

Q. How does this form compare with that hot streak you had early last year?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: It's the same, really, my whole game is just very solid. Nothing is really standing out as being fantastic, and I haven't really have any moment like the first three days -- I've not had any weaknesses. What's actually been the key is I've just been playing solid golf.

Q. You're not one to get ahead of yourself tomorrow, but how would you feel if you did win this?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: No idea. I mean, that would be absolutely huge. I can't think about that at all. I've just got to go and take one shot at a time and just see what happens.

GORDON SIMPSON: Okay, Alastair, thank you very much.

End of FastScripts.

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