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August 30, 2013

Tommy Haas


6‑3, 6‑4, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ First of all, just talk about the match.テつ Are you pleased with the way things went out there?
TOMMY HAAS:テつ Yes, always happy with the W.テつ Overall I thought I played a pretty solid match.テつ You know, a few things here and there.テつ I think you can always do better and always be a critic in this kind of sport, but, you know, overall pretty happy that I pulled out the second set.
Third set was sort of similar where I had sort of things in command, up a break, he breaks back, another break, and breaking me back again.
So he played tough.テつ I felt like if I didn't place my serve very well he was on top of it and he was starting to risk a little bit more and take the balls early.テつ He's a tough competitor, so I knew it was going to be tough to the end.
I was pleased with the end of the match, and especially the tiebreak.テつ I played some good tennis there.

Q.テつ You're playing your 16th...
TOMMY HAAS:テつ Yeah, 16.

Q.テつ I think more than anybody in the draw.

Q.テつ Talk about what you can gain.テつ People look at age a lot and put a lot of emphasis on age and deteriorating skills and so forth.テつ But with age comes experience.テつ Do you find that that is working in your favor here, especially going into week 2?
TOMMY HAAS:テつ Yes and no.テつ You know, I guess it's always a new day, always a new battle.テつ It comes down in the end of performing well at that certain time, performing better than your opponent, winning those big points, and being hungry to try to win matches, which that's never a problem for me.
It's just about executing the right things, you know, and being prepared and just trying to go out there and do it.
Obviously really happy to have played two solid matches now, and that gives you confidence going into the third round.テつ Obviously tough opponent again who is also experienced.テつ Just going to go out there and try to be ready for that and do my best to try to win that match.

Q.テつ I know you have battled injury throughout your career.テつ At 35 years old, seems like you have hit, I don't know, maybe a little bit of a fountain of youth.テつ You're playing some solid tennis right now.テつ Just talk about the state of your...
TOMMY HAAS:テつ Yeah, I mean, look, I don't know.テつ I don't know the statistic in many other sports, but I think people in the mid 30s can still do some of their best times.テつ If you look at maybe triathletes or even the ironmans, those are the guys in my age or even older and they're doing their best times ever.
It's always about being smart, about how you train and what you do off the court.テつ And if your body allows you to do all that stuff, then it's really up to you in many ways.テつ It takes just discipline and work.
You know, if you put all that together and you try your best at doing that, you know, I think it gives you a lot of chances.テつ If you look at some former champions, even like Andre Agassi when he was 34, 35, 36, what high level he was playing, it was inspirational for me at that time.
Other people have done it in their late 30s as well.テつ Look at Jimmy Connors when he was 39.テつ Those moments stick out in your brain.テつ The game also has gotten more physical, and there is no question that the body can only take so much.
You know, as long as you keep trying and pushing as much as you can, who knows where it can take you?テつ For me, it's been definitely worth every little time that I have dedicated to it.

Q.テつ You have seen quarterfinal action here but it's been a few years.テつ How hungry are you to get back to having those moments where you can get into the quarters or better?
TOMMY HAAS:テつ I would love to.テつ Obviously I was happy and pleased I got to my first quarterfinal in the French Open this year, and a few points different in the second set against Djokovic maybe I would have had another set.
Obviously different, but it was going to be tough no matter what.テつ Putting yourself in a position to get further and to try to get the W, that's where you want to be.テつ That's where I'm at right now, so it's just a matter of seeing where it takes you.

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