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September 3, 2013

Na Li


N. LI/E. Makarova
6‑4, 6‑7, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ How happy are you with that win, the way you played today?
NA LI:テつ The way I played on today?テつ I'm not so happy.

Q.テつ Not so happy?
NA LI:テつ Yeah, because, I mean, today's first time I was feeling so nervous.テつ Start beginning of the match until end of the match.
But I was happy because at least I was fight a lot on the court.テつ Even didn't play best of tennis, but still fight and still in the tournament.
So I think even this why I think even better in the last round, you know, because at least I try to stay as strong as I can.

Q.テつ With all of the traveling the players do throughout the year on the tour, how do you handle the long flights from Asia to different parts of the world?テつ Have you found ways to make it easier on your body when you have these 18‑, 20‑hour flights?
NA LI:テつ I mean, I will try to be there four or five days earlier because at least have the jet lag, so I need to use the time to change that.テつ Maybe like even I was young maybe I only need take two days, but now I will take at least five days, because I want to prepare like 100% for a tournament.

Q.テつ You have joked about your husband snoring before you have matches and things like this.テつ Has it taught you now that you can sleep on a flight?テつ Now you can sleep through anything, having to deal with this?
NA LI:テつ No, I mean, right now after I have hotel sponsor.テつ I think this is no problem at all (smiling).
So, I mean, sometimes I was feeling if he didn't doing the snore, I was like, What happen?テつ What's going on?テつ Yeah.

Q.テつ How proud are you becoming the first Chinese player through to the US Open semifinals?
NA LI:テつ You know, I always try to be the first one (smiling).
Of course it was exciting, because first time in semi in US Open.テつ So I was really proud for myself, because is the last Grand Slam for end of the year, but I still fighting a lot on the court to try the best.

Q.テつ You mentioned nerves were a problem early.テつ Was that a problem on the double fault in the tiebreaker?テつ And then what did you do to turn the match around in the third set?
NA LI:テつ I mean, you know, I was nervous.テつ I really couldn't, how do you say, prepare for the game plan.テつ So even I lose the second set I was feeling like, okay, still one set all.テつ You still have the chance.
Let's just try to go like point by point to try your best to hang in there, to stay on the court.

Q.テつ Serena is a pretty good player.テつ If you face her in the semis, how can you beat her?テつ Will you eat anything special for breakfast that morning?
NA LI:テつ Well, I mean, at least I have two days off, so of course it's tough, tough opponent.テつ But is good challenge to play against her, because I think we always have tough match even in Cincy.
Yeah, I still have a chance.テつ But for me today, I don't have to think about more tennis, you know, so just relax (smiling).
Then maybe tomorrow maybe a little bit warming up and prepare for Friday.

Q.テつ Aside from saving your marriage, what has Carlos given the most in addition to that?
NA LI:テつ I mean, at least if he say something I will listen.テつ But if my husband is coach, he say something, I never listen.テつ I just say, Okay, pass.テつ Next one.
So even now my husband want to say something, for sure he will say, Oh, this is Carlos say.テつ I say, Okay, okay.テつ I listen.

Q.テつ Why don't you listen to your husband?テつ Is he a bad man?
NA LI:テつ No, no, he's very nice guy.テつ But I don't know it is other women, but for me it's tough to find balance between husband and coach.テつ Yeah.
When he was help ‑‑ he was training so hard on the court, I would say, You're my husband.テつ Why are you training so hard?テつ So is problem for me.

Q.テつ Vika was saying the other day that she really likes pressure and that pressure brings out the best in her tennis.テつ You were talking about the nerves today.テつ Obviously going into a semifinal match, potentially facing Serena Williams, I can imagine a more pressure‑cooking situation.テつ How do you respond to pressure, and how do you think that you'll challenge that in your next match?
NA LI:テつ I mean, I will agree with Vika.テつ I mean, I like pressure, as well.テつ Really.テつ I was feeling the pressure behind me to come, push me to go forward.テつ I mean, it's semis.テつ Only four players end of the tournament, so nothing you can worry about.テつ Just play the tennis.テつ Just enjoy the time.

Q.テつ When you play Serena, how critical is the serve against her, holding serve?
NA LI:テつ What that mean?

Q.テつ Well, in other words, because she's such a strong server, how much pressure is there on everybody she faces to match that serve?
NA LI:テつ I mean, if you only think about what opponent doing, of course you already lose the match before you come to the court.
For tennis you have to figure out what you have to do on the court, what you should do.テつ Yeah.

Q.テつ China has many big cities.テつ What is the biggest difference and similarity between New York and cities in China?
NA LI:テつ I think New York is pretty similar like Beijing, so many people walking around.テつ It's busy city.
Yeah.テつ For me I was feeling not much different.

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