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November 17, 2000

Meg Mallon


MEG MALLON: No. 2, I hit an 8-iron to about 12 feet and made that. And then No. 8, I hit it like 15 yards short of the green an hit a little pitch up to about a foot away and made that for birdie. And then I bogeyed 9 again, and I hit a -- hit it just in the front rough in front of the green and pitched to about six feet past the hole and missed the putt coming back. Then I bogeyed 12, the par 3. Didn't hit a very good -- oh, yeah I hit a decent shot in there. I made my second shot in there and had like a three-footer and just yanked that putt and missed that -- 2-putted for bogey there. 16, I hit a 6-iron to six feet and made that for birdie. And then 17, hit the wrong club, hit it over the green and pitched back to maybe eight or nine feet and missed that. So I 2-putted for par there. Then (inaudible) hit a 5-wood there and hit it 25 yards above the pin. 12, no, I was just in the right rough. I was only 25 feet away and I hit a good little sand wedge shot out of there -- yeah, just yanked my putt. A little grain and a little yank and I missed it completely. Yeah, it was windy at times, and then the last three holes a lot of wind it picked up. I had on the -- I only had 134 to the pin and I had 6-iron. (Inaudible). There are all these (inaudible) and squalls kept coming. And the wind, it actually died down for a point to a few holes where it wasn't windy at all.

Q. (Inaudible)?

MEG MALLON: I know. I'm thankful that I'm shooting even par and didn't lose ground. I noticed people like Juli Inkster, she shot 6-under without me. I don't take it personally. (Laughs.) So, there were some great rounds out there, obviously, but it kind of moved everybody in to bunch it up a little more. And maybe that's a testament to a good golf course, which I'm happy to see.

Q. (Inaudible.)

MEG MALLON: Well, 5-under, I think even par on -- I would feel really good about it, if you have a really good day tomorrow. Especially with the field that's here. All of these people have a lot of confidence in their games and they have won tournaments. So I think a lot of people feel like with a good day tomorrow, on what they call moving day, it could give anybody a chance.

Q. (Inaudible)?

MEG MALLON: If you're 2-over? Well, then, yeah, I would. You know, if -- so she got up to even, though didn't she? Did she (Juli Inkster) lose a couple coming in? Oh, 1-over. Okay. Yeah, a player like that, you know she can shoot 12-under on the weekend and, you know, not even blink. But hopefully I'll shot 13 (-under) laughs.

Q. (Inaudible)?

MEG MALLON: Well, I looked at it quite a bit, and it was wrong for a while. So I was trying to figure it out -- because they had me at 7 and they had Lorie at 4 or 5 (-under), and we both knew that wasn't right. So I didn't trust it for a while, and the last three holes they had it correct. So we knew that was right then. I played better today than yesterday, if you can believe that. It's just I didn't hit it in the hole. I didn't chip in. I didn't do all of those fun things today. I know. I hit the ball better. I just didn't get it in the hole. Yeah, I took my rain gear out five or six times, on or off, today, because it was so hot when it wasn't raining. But I don't know what the weekend is supposed to be like. I've heard from a cold front to beautiful. I don't know, best job in the word.

Q. (Inaudible)?

MEG MALLON: That's a good question. I think the things that would make it more difficult are that the greens are smaller on this course -- comparing one course to the other? Yeah, the greens are smaller. And the wind blows -- also with the way the trees frame the holes, kind of bounces around a little bit. So it is a little harder to see which way the wind is coming from.

Q. (Inaudible)?

MEG MALLON: Well, that's the big question, the American election. I was a butterfly ballot voter, and I'll say it again, I got it right, but it was confusing. But I practiced. I practiced. (Laughter.) Before I got in, I got my ballot at home, I looked at that. And there was this nice little old man that greeted me at the door and asked me if I needed help and I said, "Yes, please." But I have to tell you, and, you know, everyone is making fun of us all over the world, but when you read anything, and I have that little punched thing in my hand and I had my right hand resting on the right side of the page and reading down the left-hand side and then read the right side of the page, I said, "Oh, my, Pat Buchanan is the second dot." And that is exactly what I thought. And it was confusing. No matter what anybody says, the arrows were not lined up with where the lines were, depending who you voted for. No, that is my right. That's right. I choose not to. But I did get it right. But I went back -- I got all the way through and went back and looked at it again. It was confusing. But what I don't understand if you punch something twice, why ou don't ask for another ballot, because it was read right in front of you: If you feel like you made a mistake, please ask for another ballot. So that part was hard to figure out. It's a little nutty. The radio stations, including stations (inaudible) -- they are very interesting, but I was looking forward to getting out of there because it was getting a little above and beyond.

Q. (Inaudible)?

MEG MALLON: Right. You know, I don't know how everybody else thinks, but I want to go out there and -- I've got to figure out the greens. That's my concern is to figure out how I'm going to make the putts like I did yesterday. I don't know, I felt very comfortable yesterday. Today I just felt like I misread them enough to miss them like did. I hit them closer today and didn't make as many birdies. So to answer your question, do you look at the other players, not unless someone is starting to run away with it, and then you feel like you really have to be a little more aggressive and go for putts, more things like that. But I don't do that anyway. I need to play my game the best I can, and that's what I've got to figure out for tomorrow.

Q. Are you comfortable with your swing?

MEG MALLON: Actually, I am. It is kind of a nice surprise, after having three weeks off, and I feel really comfortable with my swing and I like that.

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