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September 6, 2013

Flavia Pennetta


V. AZARENKA/F. Pennetta
6‑4, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Could you just first of all reflect on not only the match but on the tournament, what it's meant for you?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Well, of course it's a good tournament.テつ Of course I'm really happy about the tournament.テつ Today I have my chance.テつ I didn't make it in the first set, but I was playing pretty good.テつ She played really well.テつ I think she was really consistent.
We didn't serve really well, both of us.テつ But in the end she's powerful player.テつ She have more power than me.テつ Was a good fight, I think.

Q.テつ This was a great run for you to the semifinals.テつ Just talk about the positives.
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ No, it's everything positive.テつ I mean, I'm really happy about the tournament, about how I played, the match I won, everything.
Today I lost, but I lost with the No. 2 in the world.テつ I tried my best.テつ I think I fight really well and the match was nice to see and everything.テつ I try until the last point.
But I think it's really good week for me.テつ I go home with good feeling, with good sensation.テつ Now I just gonna rest two or three days and then starting to practice, because the season is not finished yet.テつ I have three more tournaments and then maybe the final of Fed Cup.
I will be try my best to just keep going and improve my ranking.テつ I didn't expect to be in semifinal now, so everything is coming.テつ It's so nice and so perfect.テつ I have three more tournaments to do my best and then the season is over.テつ Just last run.

Q.テつ How do you explain all those breaks of serve, 13 of them?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ I didn't serve really well today, but she neither.テつ I think it was a lot of wind in the court.テつ It's moving a lot the ball all the time.テつ It was not easy to serve.
But for me, I think I didn't serve in the way I was serving before because she make me a lot of pressure.テつ I know I had to try to find a good serve for start of point, and I didn't today.
Actually, I was trying doing the same thing all the match, and in the moment was working and in another moment not.

Q.テつ You have had like some great wins here before, you know, a few years ago, Maria and many others.テつ It's a great court for you.テつ Now coming back from some injury, you play such inspiring tennis.テつ Do you think sometimes being away a little bit makes you maybe want it more, playing more, giving more of yourself?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Well, of course, to beat these kind of players you have to play more and more, more aggressive.テつ You have to try to find more winners, and in that case you're gonna miss more also.
But actually today I think I didn't do it too much.テつ I didn't went for a big, big winner all the time.
In the end I was trying.テつ I was much better. テつBut because I didn't want to miss so much, today I didn't hit so hard the ball.テつ We run a lot of rallies more than 20 balls.
But she's stronger than me, and in the end she was winning more points than me.

Q.テつ She's only lost once on hard courts this year.テつ What makes her a little bit of a more complicated difficult player versus clay or grass?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Well, of course she play much better in hard court than in clay.テつ Like, I mean, she's a good player in hard court.テつ She's powerful.
She is big, also, so she have a good angle when you move her.テつ She move really well.テつ She's big but she's still moving.テつ She's fast and everything.
And all the time when you open the court, I think she's better for her because she has a good ‑‑ (from translation.)

Q.テつ A good reach?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Yes.テつ All the time.テつ She's a good player.テつ She's No. 2 in the world.テつ Like there is nothing to say more, I think.

Q.テつ At times it seems like in that second set she changed a little bit also the pace.テつ She would hit some angle shots.テつ You know, like she also played very smart I think against you.

Q.テつ Did you notice that, that she would just try to open the court?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ To move a lot, yeah.テつ But she was trying to do the same thing in the first.テつ Like was pretty the same.テつ I didn't see a lot of difference between first and second set.

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