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July 9, 2005

Alastair Forsyth


SCOTT CROCKETT: Alastair, well done today. That was a fantastic performance, lovely birdie at the last. You must be delighted with where you are in the tournament?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Definitely, I went out this morning and as I will tomorrow, try to keep doing one shot at a time and no expectations and just focus on the job at hand. At the start I got away with a couple of bad shots which was nice. I started to play a lot of good golf and give myself a lot of birdie chances and I had a couple of poor shots on the back nine, on 12 and 14, and I got the bogeys I deserved. But other than a little hiccup, it's not the easiest of finishes around here, but the way the conditions are, it's a lot easier to get back a couple of important birdies on the last couple of holes.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Give us the details. You birdied the third.

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Put my tee shot into the trees and first I had a 6 iron and had 80 yards close to the hole, about a 20 footer.

7, I had 7 iron to about 12 feet.

8, 8 iron to 12 feet again.

11, a 4 iron I holed from maybe 15 feet.

12, I was in perfect position from the fairway and I pulled it left of the green, and you can't miss it left; I had no shot.

14, I basically dropped a 3 wood trying to hit it down the left and hit it right behind a tree and didn't have much of a shot.

Nice 9 iron to about 20 feet on 15 and holed the putt and the last hole, 25 feet, wedge second shot.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Biggest one of the day.

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: It was a good one, yeah.

Q. Crowd behind you?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: I think when you're in contention in the last couple of groups, every good shot gets appreciated. Probably get that little bit extra, the fact that I'm home here, but you get that pretty much at all the big tournaments.

Q. Added pressure tomorrow?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Probably both. I think it does give you a little bit like I've said all week, probably tomorrow, these people will be thinking, the Scottish guy can win the tournament. But I have to just kind of put that in the back of my mind and focus on what I'm doing and just try to play the best golf I can. If it's good enough, it's good enough, and if it's not, you know, I give it 100%.

Q. Did the nerves surprise you?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Not at all, no. I thought I knew the first tee, just a lot of friends and family that was out. You know, Scotlanders, they want to see a Scottish guys doing well, so it's nice, but, yeah, certainly a lot of flags there, but sort of part and parcel and something you have to deal with.

Q. Driving today?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: I hit a lot of good drives today and just really only had the one out in the trees. I think that was the only one no, 13. I got lucky there, as well, but got away with it. I still had a couple of wayward ones.

Q. Did you still try to avoid eye contact with the crowds?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: To a certain extent, it's just that something about not making a bogey on last.

Q. How would this rank alongside your win in Malaysia?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: I always think a bigger tournament, stronger field, at the time that was a massive one, just the way my career was going and the way my season was going. I think at the moment if I was to win the tournament, the way my season has been going, I don't expect it. I don't expect to win the tournament. I don't expect anything to happen tomorrow. Just whatever happens, happens, and I am hoping to out tomorrow and play well, and then I'll be happy. If it's good enough, it's good enough, and if it's not, so be it.

Q. Does winning £400,000 motivate you?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Yeah, you look at 400,000 and you look at the difference of 6th and 20th, you play in big tournaments week in, week out, the money, you can't really look at things, because you can 3 putt the last to cost yourself a 100,000. It doesn't really come into it. I don't mean it that way, but not much.

Q. What would have been a good week for you before you came here?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Well, I said at the start, somebody asked me, what would be a target, and I'm not really one for setting targets, but the way I'm going, I feel as if my game has been coming back. So to contend at start of the year and a great result, obviously, but just pleased to be playing the way I'm playing and round about shoot another good score.

Q. How will you cope with the nerves tomorrow?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: Just focus, just keep my focus, go through my preshot routine, remind myself of some good shots I've had in the past. Now it's one of those things, you can still play good golf you can still play your best when you're nervous, and people when tournaments when they are nervous. So it's something that's not really a major problem.

Q. Are you working with anybody?

ALASTAIR FORSYTH: I've been working with a guy, yeah, John Pates.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Alastair, thanks very much.

End of FastScripts.

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