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September 8, 2013

Esteban Toledo


THE MODERATOR:テつ Esteban, thanks for joining us.テつ Win number two this year, both in the playoff.テつ Couldn't have been a more exciting finish for you.テつ Maybe just share your thoughts on that chip‑in and maybe take us back through your day a little bit.
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ You know, when Kenny missed the putt on that third hole playoff, I was shocked really.テつ I know he was a 20‑footer, but it was makeable to tie me.
I told my caddie at the time, I said whatever happens, it happens here.テつ I was just very lucky I chip it in and I didn't have to go to another hole.
I played really, really well this week, especially the last nine holes.テつ I think I shot 3‑under par.テつ Those conditions were tough coming down the stretch.テつ I have been there once and I knew the feeling that you just got to go out there and play your own game.
I really thought that Kenny was going to take over on the last four holes, but I guess the wind was kind of tough.テつ Those conditions were difficult.
You know, I didn't know I had to make the putt on 18.テつ I didn't know anything.テつ I didn't look at the leaderboard at all.テつ I made the putt.
It was great the whole week.テつ It was pretty awesome.

Q.テつ Take us back through No. 10 again. テつWhat did you hit off the tee?テつ Third playoff hole?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ I hit a 6‑iron.テつ My caddie and I talk about hitting a 5.テつ This morning I hit a 5‑iron and hit it right of the flag and it bounced a little bit, about 25‑foot, made it coming back.
Today I guess I was a little bit pumped.テつ The adrenaline was going through my body at the time.テつ After Kenny hit it on the green, I knew I had to bring it from the left to the right.テつ It didn't work, but I did practice that shot on Monday when I was practicing.テつ And I had a feeling the pin was going to be there oneday.テつ And I knew it was going to break to the right and I told my caddie, I said, I have got to chip it in.テつ And I knew the ball was going to right, and I was just very lucky or whatever, but it went in and it was enough.

Q.テつ How far was that?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ I think it was probably about 10, 12yards, which is, you know, I don't know 40, 50feet.テつ It was a wonderful feeling, let me tell you.
I know I won in the playoff in Houston and it was exciting, but I really celebrate chipping it in to win the tournament.テつ It's been pretty awesome, winning twice as a rookie.テつ I think I'm going to have a pretty good shot to be the Rookie of the Year with Rocco Mediate.テつ I wish him the best.テつ He's a really good player.テつ So it's a run for that.

Q.テつ You did pass the $1 million mark, so I guess I can call you a millionaire know?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ You know, it's a‑‑ I put up different golf this year for me.テつ My caddie had confidence in me and I think has been, you know, been successful in that.テつ My coach and my family, very supportive in my business.
And it seems like everything is going on the right track for me.テつ I have a lot of disciplines and practice and dedicate my time.テつ I'm really hungry for success, not for money, just success that I got to prove myself that I can win again and again and again.
I might not be Fred Couples or (indiscernible) or anybody like that, but at least I have my goals and my dream and I'm going to reach them.

Q.テつ Before we get some questions, take us through your other birdies.テつ Number 4, par‑3?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ Yeah, I was hitting 8‑iron way short, about 15yards.テつ Then I chip it in the same that I did on the playoff.テつ But I have been practicing my chip‑in a lot, so it kind of paid off.

Q.テつ Then you said on No. 10 the first time you hit 5‑iron, did you say?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ I hit a 5‑iron right of the flag, went over, maybe 25‑footer and I made it.テつ I think it was kind of the point where I had a little bit of‑‑ I had a shot there to win it.

Q.テつ And 14, par‑5?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ Yeah, I hit a beautiful dive and 5‑iron and hit it fat and it went not far away.テつ Then I chip it, what, six, sevenfeet.テつ My caddie and I made a good decision to hit it straight and it went in.

Q.テつ 16?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ 16, I hit a beautiful drive and 52 to the flag, hit a little short, missed the putt.
But at the time I knew I was close because it's the first time I looked at the leaderboard and I was only two back going to that hole.

Q.テつ How far was your putt, do you remember?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ 16?テつ Probably about 18feet.テつ I hit a good putt; it just didn't hit it.

Q.テつ And your bogey was on No. 2?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ Yes, the bogey I hit it on the left side with my drive.テつ I hit a 7‑iron and my caddie told me to hit a 6.テつ Obviously I didn't listen to him.
I hit it into the‑‑ a little bit short of the bunker, but I had impossible shot.テつ I had to go over the bunker.テつ I hit a pretty good shot and good putt, didn't go in.テつ Got me a little bit upset because I don't like to make bogeys.

Q.テつ How far was the putt?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ About eightfeet straight down, right to left.テつ I hit a good putt, but I missed.

Q.テつ Have you been to Montreal before and how many times did you play in Canada, please?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ I played the Canadian Tour, Glen Abbey a few times.テつ I played in Hamilton one time, I believe.テつ I played the Nationwide somewhere in Tornoto.
I never been in Montreal playing golf.テつ This is my first time.

Q.テつ Considering the context, the playoffs and the chip‑in shot, where do you put this moment in the moments of your career?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ Well, you know, it's up there.テつ Obviously winning is everything.テつ But I came out and tried to win and had a lot of golf in my life.テつ This tournament is one of the ones up there in my career.

Q.テつ You were a boxer earlier in your life?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ It was.テつ I always celebrate with a left hook.テつ That's why they call me The Boxer.テつ I liketo (indiscernible), but it have to be at the right time.
You know what, golf is ‑‑ even though it's second sport in my life, boxing is No. 1, golf is second favorite sport, I guess the determination that I had in boxing, the discipline that I had in boxing, and the people around me, it's really helped me in my life.
I had a gentleman John Mendez who died tenyears ago, he was the one who brought me from Mexico to the U.S. to play on the PGA Tour.テつ He die and I guess everything goes to him.
But it's been great, the last probably 25years has been wonderful experience for me.テつ Deal with wins and stuff, and so far it's been great.

Q.テつ How good were you as a boxer?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ No, I wish.テつ I was 17years old.テつ I quit when I was 20 and I start playing golf a little bit.
I always been a tough kid.テつ In golf I always been a gentleman, always have.テつ When I jump into the ring, I'm a mean guy because I have to.テつ In golf, I'm real gentle, you know.テつ I like to have fun with the people.
Another good thing that the people here in Canada, they treat us well.テつ And that's the reason all the players like to come.テつ If the Canadian people always nice to me and the fans, really the fans are the winners in this sport.テつ That it is the ones that have fun.テつ And Canada has been great to us, as you know.
Last week we had a wonderful event where Rocco won.テつ The people, the turnout has just been fantastic the last twoweeks here in Montreal and Calgary.テつ They've been really, really good to the players.テつ We thank all the Canadian people and all the tournament director and the staff who put all those things to together.テつ We appreciate the Champions Tour.テつ I represent the Champions Tour.

Q.テつ At what point today did you first feel that you had a chance to win?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ On 16, when I made the putt, I didn't look at the leaderboard but I knew it was close.テつ I think my caddie told me.テつ And either I think he told on 18 that I was tied for the lead.
But at that point on 16 when I made that putt for birdie, I knew I had a chance.
Then I got away with it on 17.
I never got nervous.テつ I was very focused on what I was doing.テつ I wasn't worrying about anybody else.テつ I was just worrying about me and play my own game and try to birdie the last hole.テつ I hit a 9‑iron, but I hit a little bit unlucky there and hit a little short.テつ But it turned out well.

Q.テつ How far was the putt on 18 in regulation?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ Probably about five feet, at least fivefeet.テつ It was‑‑ my caddie and I decide to hit a straight putt.テつ It was the toughest putt to make straight.テつ I hit just a firm putt and it went right in.
That's when he told me I was tied for the lead.テつ I couldn't believe.テつ I thought I was only oneshot back or something, but I guess Kenny either bogeyed some hole or I don't know.
To beat Kenny, I think Kenny was happy for me, to be honest with you.テつ We were chatting during the three‑hole playoff.テつ We were just talking about and he told me on 18, You better make the putt there is so many kids that you got to take care of.テつ He knew exactly what it meant.テつ I had 28 kids in Mexico that I'm going to build a facility for, orphanage kids.テつ He knew I had to make the putt.テつ He actually wanted me to make the putt, which is kind of odd because I didn't realize how much of a gentleman he is.テつ When I missed the putt, he said, Oh, shoot, I thought you were going to win it.テつ That's what he told me.テつ We ended up winning on the par‑3, but I think he was very happy for me to be honest with you.

Q.テつ With two victories on the Champions Tour your rookie year, would you say you are playing the best golf of your competitive life?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO:テつ Absolutely, absolutely.テつ Be honest with you, I played the Tour for so long but I never had so much fun than the Champions Tour.テつ Be honest with you, my whole life.テつ I never won on the Tour.
Playing with Tiger, I really learned how to play the game when I played with Tiger three times on the PGA Tour.テつ I never won.テつ He beat me, but I learned to be focused in the game.テつ That's how he is.テつ And it really helped me.

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