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September 7, 2013

Kasey Kahne


Q.テつ Kasey Kahne, frustrated from the performance you had tonight.テつ Let's address tonight and the issues that you had.テつ What went wrong?
KASEY KAHNE:テつ I'm just happy we have a couple wins or we wouldn't have made the Chase.テつ We just wouldn't turn in the center all night, tried to get looser in, looser off and could never turn the center, so it was a tough race.テつ We stayed out there and tried to do the best we could for Farmer's and Quaker State, Time Warner Cable, Great Clips, everybody that was part of it, but we weren't very good.テつ Looking forward to preparing this week and we've got 10 races to make up some ground.

Q.テつ You won at Bristol, you won at Pocono.テつ Do you have what it takes to make the Chase?
KASEY KAHNE:テつ I would hope so.テつ There's times this year that we definitely have, and then there's other times like tonight where I'm like kind of wondering what's going on.テつ I would say the majority of the season we've had as much speed as anybody, and if we can put that together for nine or 10 of these next 10, we'll definitely have a shot.

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