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September 7, 2013

Carl Edwards


Q.  The back flip returns after a weekend where in qualifying what happened, and then this race it seemed like they just got you back in the thing all night.  Describe your night.
CARL EDWARDS:  That's my pit crew that won this race for us, just awesome job by them.  It's so cool to put Kellogg's in victory lane.  Kellogg's, Fastenal, Ford, Subway, AFLAC, the Geek Squad, UPS, Sprint.  All the fans, Wiley X, everybody who's been behind us, especially my fans this year.  It was up at the beginning with Jimmy and our new team, and then we struggled for a little while, and the last three weeks we've led a bunch of laps and had fast race cars, and we're having fun.  Thanks to Jack Roush.  We got Greg Biffle in the Chase, got Ford in victory lane, and just got to thank New Holland and Sestanol.  They give us a lot of support throughout the year.  I don't think I've won a race here ‑‑ I'm sure I haven't won a race here in the Cup car, so this is a big night for us.

Q.  How strong can you be for the Chase?
CARL EDWARDS:  We're going to win the championship.  I mean, that's our mission.  That seemed like a crazy idea about a month and a half ago, and Jimmy and these guys have buckled down.  Everybody at the shop, all the guys building these race cars, all of our Ford teammates, Brad and Joey, all the Penske guys, everybody has rallied together, and I just can't say enough about Robbie Reiser, Bob Osborne, Chip Bolland, all the guys at the shop.  We've got two guys in the Chase, we've got Ricky Stenhouse who had an awesome night tonight, and this championship would mean the world to me.  Next 10 weeks we're going to be on them hard.  They're going to know we're here.

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