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August 2, 2001

Jose Maria Olazabal


JOAN vT. ALEXANDER: We'd like to thank Jose Maria Olazabal for joining us for a few minutes in the interview room. You were able to complete your round today, and it was a long wait in between. Why don't you make a of couple comments about your round and we'll have some quick questions.

JOSE MARIA OLAZABAL: It was a long wait, but the good thing about it was that we were done today. That's the good news about it. About my round, I played quite steady. I made a few good saves, obviously, and the putting was good today. It has not been good for a while. It was nice to see some putts drop today.

Q. How do you keep yourself mentally sharp when you have that long a delay?

JOSE MARIA OLAZABAL: Well, I mean, it's difficult. Sometimes you can do it. Sometimes you can't. It was a little bit tougher today, because we went back to the driving range, and as soon as we were almost ready to go, they called us back in. So there's not much you can do about it, actually. I just sit down and relax and try to find a quiet spot, anyway. That's what I've done.

Q. Do you find your body tightening up during that long of a time, and if so, how do you get loose again?

JOSE MARIA OLAZABAL: What happens is that you get maybe a little bit stiffer. If you are already on the golf course, you are loose and all of the sudden, you wait for one hour, an hour and a half, and the muscles get a little tight. As soon as you stretch a little bit and hit a few balls, with this temperature here, it is not all that difficult to get loose again.

Q. Is it distracting when you see the sun going down and you are wondering if you are going to finish or not?

JOSE MARIA OLAZABAL: No, we don't think about it. I think, the seventh tee, we knew that we were going to be fine. So we were not really worried about that.

Q. When there's a change in the lighting at that particular time, when it goes from very bright and so forth, is that a factor?

JOSE MARIA OLAZABAL: Well, you can't -- especially on the greens, you know, when it's during the day, it's really so bright, you might get a better feel of the pace and the distance to the hole. As soon as the light starts to go down, shadows kick in, it is a little bit more difficult to anticipate, yes. My birdies, I hit a good drive and then a 3-iron, I would say 15 to 18 feet and made that putt down the hill. I birdied 10. Bogeyed 18. Missed the green right with my second. Chipped in the bunker. Chipped it over the bunker about three feet and made it. Then birdied No. 3. I hit a driver and 9-iron and holed it from 15 feet. 6, I think, I hit driver and 9-iron and holed it from three feet. No. 8, a driver, I missed it -- I hit it on the fairway, but I had a difficult angle to the green. So I laid up with a 9-iron, sand wedge to 12 feet and made the putt. I did putt well today, yes. That was maybe the big difference to the last few months.

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