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September 14, 2002

Dan Forsman


TODD BUDNICK: All right, we welcome Dan Forsman to tie the course record with 7-under 64 today. Dan, why don't we just start talking a little bit about that.

DAN FORSMAN: I tied the course record. The fellow that gave me the ride down from the 18th green said I tied it. It was an interesting side-bar, if you will. 7-under par on this course is a good round, any time you shoot under par like that. The thing that was amazing today was how it just evolved from a bogey on the have first hole. A lot can happen in the game. And with my history I have gone on to shoot 74, 76, 69 and on rare occasions 64, so that was a big hurdle for me today.

I did feel good warming up. I did feel like I was striking the ball crisply and my putting felt good on the green. I was relaxed, focused and making the cut at one under I needed to shoot a good score to get in the hunt and get back in the tournament. So overall it wasn't that difficult a day for scoring. The reason I say this, the greens were soft, they were holding. The humidity back in the air made the ball -- the fairways were soft, the ball wasn't running away the way it had the first couple of days when it had been so dry.

I played a good solid round of golf. I played with Tom Byrum, he's a fine gentleman. And those are things that I think sometimes that you miss sight of to have a good pairing like that. The difference, of course tomorrow the quick turnaround, going to threesomes and being paired among the leaders. That will be a big difference tomorrow. But for today, for now, 64 is a good way to finish up my round in the SEI and I'm thrilled to be there and to have a chance to make a run for the title.

Q. It seemed the course has changed a whole bunch from the first round today. Can you talk about the greens?

DAN FORSMAN: Once you started to get comfortable with the golf course too --I didn't play here two years ago, when Chris DiMarco got his first TOUR win. I remember the guys saying that this was very challenging golf course. And the greens were making it difficult. I think it's ironic, you think about Muirfield Village, Jack Nicklaus, the icon of the game and built this magnificent venuefor the Memorial Championship, he tweaked it and turned it and done everything he possibly can, and I think Tiger ends up shooting 18 -, 19 -, 20-under. You come to a course like this, it lays here in the beautiful outskirts of Philly, you got the best players of the game going at it and 9-under is now leading the tournament. It is pretty remarkable. We talked about earlier is the wind on Thursday was a big factor, I played the pro-am then, it started kicking up that afternoon. We played early, the 10th hole is probably one of the most challenging par-4's that I played in a while. In the northwind it is now about 480 yards. When it gets dry like that the ground sort of dries up and gets firm and the greens get extremely fast and they don't receive the ball as well as they have when the humidity comes back like it had today. So that was a big difference. It just seemed like today was a day that I needed to shoot a good score. You see the guys you mentioned, Olin Brown shot a good round, O'Meara, some others are having good days, you kind of see that, guys are making birdies, let's get in there, let's enjoy it.

TODD BUDNICK: We'll take some questions.

Q. Was there anything in your game that suggested a 64 was possible?

DAN FORSMAN: I would like to say yes. I worked pretty hard on my game the last two weeks. I skipped Canada. I came out badly at Reno Tahoe, the week before the Air Canada. There's a lot on my mind. I'm a father of two children, two boys, both of them back at school. My wife, you know, it's difficult to handle young ones, let alone handle teenagers. I felt the urge to go home and spend some time with them and get everything on the right start. I think I cleared my plate, if you will, I didn't clear it, the dust settled and I felt a little more clarity and a little more focus with the ability to come out and play well this week.

Q. With tomorrow's inclement weather or not, what kind of factor do you think that would be? Do you think the rain helps, hurts?

DAN FORSMAN: I think rain is always difficult. It's never easy to play under the umbrella. The way the greens are, there are some pins, they have to readjust them because when they slope, if you get rain, it will pool in areas and there will be some casual water. That's a factor also because now you have to think from casual, putting off slopes, up to mounds, up to volcano-type pins because that's where the dry areas will be. Any time you do that, it will be difficult to get the right speed with the right break to the right hole. That makes it tougher too. Anybody's guess, how much moisture we're going to get, what magnitude. I welcome it from where I sit right now, it would be a hurricaine right now I would be thrilled to death with where I am to have a chance to go out and play with these guys tomorrow.

Q. (Inaudible)

DAN FORSMAN: I played the pro-am, and I played Thursday, I had to go to bed at 9 o'clock on Thursday night because I played early Friday. I thought if I did not do that I wouldn't be able to stand up tomorrow. Getting used to walking the course, hilly course. For the old guys, I'm 44, by the way we measure the PGA TOUR in terms of age today, that sound pretty ancient. I did have a conversation over the week, I remember seeing some of the guys, you know, the Lou Grahams, the Charles Coodys, the Dale Douglases, when I was first and second-year player, I'm looking at these guys saying they are still going at it, still beating me, that's pretty impressive. I'm supposed to be the hot shot out of the college, you got this great TOUR game, shooting 74 and these guys are shooting 68s. Making the putts, course management all of those things. As far as -- it's very satisfying to shoot a good score like this and get in the hunt. I have been thinking all along, my goal all of this is to win a golf tournament on the PGA TOUR, that is really the essence of why we come out here. It means a lot, it's a long way to go, we are in the third quarter. We have got a fourth quarter tomorrow, we will see what happens.

Q. You mentioned winning a tournament. It's been a while since you won. When you go back and think about it --

DAN FORSMAN: I think there is some pressure. To put yourself in that position you want to take advantage of it because some times if you look at my success this year, I had 2 Top 10s, I had a chance at New Orleans. My last putt didn't fall. But then I played well at Hartford, finished top-10 at Hartford. Since then I have been a little bit off and struggling a little bit. I think the turning point was when I played a round of golf -- I was second alternate at the PGA, I went up to play the TPC course to practice with Jessie Ventura, played 18 holes. I was amazed, what a neat guy he was, what a gem to play with him.

Q. (Inaudible)

DAN FORSMAN: Yesterday was nerve-wracking. I called my wife after the round. I was 2 over par the first day, and it looked like I was struggling early the first part of the round and chipped in on the first hole to save a par, and you look back on that, and that's the fine line, the razor's edge of the TOUR is today. I mean the momentum goes the other way you shoot two or three over there, miss the cut, you are down the road. You make the cut, you shoot 7 under and now YOU have a chance to compete for the title. That's the game of golf. That's life. It's the little things, they are immeasurable in terms of what can happen.

Q. (Inaudible)?

DAN FORSMAN: The final deadline was yesterday. I made sure my agent called me, you better get this in, we don't want to bring up the unmentionable, but Friday is the day. We don't want you to strain an arm or something and be out the rest of the year and boom, TOUR school comes in November, you are healthy again and you want to get your card back. We all play with that in the back of our mind. You don't want to think it's a gun to your head, but clearly at my age, I was on the outside last year looking in until I had a fourth place finish the last tournament of the year so that something I don't want to repeat. We are certainly aware of the significance of playing well not only from the satisfaction of trying to win a golf tournament but it also means to keep your job.

TODD BUDNICK: Anything else. Thank you very much.

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