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September 2, 2013

Brendan Steele


Q.  Were you aware of the mathematical stuff going that was going on out there on the golf course?
BRENDAN STEELE:  I knew that there was some crazy stuff going on and I knew that I needed some serious birdies there after the delay.
I didn't even actually think that I had much of a chance.  And then I hit it to a foot on 16.  And I was like, all right, if we can finish, three, three, I might have a chance.  And I knew I started a point in front of Ernie, so I knew I needed to at least get tied with him, maybe, for the last spot.  So I was trying to chase him down, for sure.

Q.  The good news is you didn't leave it in somebody else's hands.  Ernie is now projected 70th with Angel Cabrera on the golf course having just made a double on 3 with holes to play.
So how happy are you that you're not waiting on somebody else's game?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Well, I still am.  There's still a way I can be knocked out they just told me.  I've got to kind of wait around and see.  But I did everything that I can do, especially on a day that wasn't going my way for a long time.
So I'm really happy with the finish.

Q.¬† Something happened‑‑ it's almost like the break came at the perfect time for you?
A.Yeah, maybe it did.¬† I just three‑putted 14, and things were not going my way.¬† I was certainly kind of moving the wrong direction, and I came in here, had a little lunch.¬† I took a nap in the locker room.¬† I woke up, I was still angry.¬† But I guess it worked out.

Q.  How much were you aware of your position?  Were you looking at boards?
BRENDAN STEELE:¬† I was trying to look and see what I could see.¬† I knew‑‑ Ernie had made a lot of pars and I knew he was projected 70th, because I had seen that flash up in the past.¬† I didn't know what was going on, obviously, everywhere else.¬† I knew I started like a point in front of him or just one spot in front of him, so I knew I had to at least be tied with him to try to get over one more guy, and that could be like for the last spot.

Q.  Did you just get momentum?
BRENDAN STEELE:  I had a putt, it was the first shot that I hit when I came out.  And that one went in.  And then I decided to roll the ball back in my stance, the last couple of holes, because it was too far forward.

Q.  What happened to you during the break, during that weather delay, that allowed you to come out and play such excellent golf?
BRENDAN STEELE:  I was pretty angry at the break.  I went in, I had a couple of pieces of chicken.  I took a nap on my shoes in the locker room and woke up.  I was still mad, but I decided that it was okay if I had to go home, I had to go home.  And I would just go out there and see what I could do.

Q.  You've put yourself in a decent position.  We'll watch and see what happens.

Q.  When you went back out after the break, did you have a little more focus, a little more determination or maybe a little less care?
BRENDAN STEELE:  A little less care, for sure.  A little bit more just like, whatever, let's get out the stick and see what we can do.  It's really how I should have been all day.  But I wasn't hitting the shots, making the putts.  It's one of those things where momentum was going the wrong way, you get a break.  You see it all the time in other sports.  Somebody calls a time out and the team makes a run the other way or whatever the case may be.  Just a momentum thing.

Q.  When you leave TPC Boston, the fact that you finished the way you did, how does that make you feel?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, I'll be happy with it.  Obviously I'll be happier if I get in.  If I don't get in I'll still be happy with how I was able to finish.  It makes you feel good, at least, to know that you do it when you really need it.

Q.¬† 14, you three‑putted?
BRENDAN STEELE:¬† Yes.¬† I had two good shots.¬† And then it was playing 227 hole, something like that.¬† Put it in the middle of the green, I was happy with that.¬† Ran it by like six or seven feet and missed it.¬† And it put me to 2‑over.¬† And, I don't know, four shots, I guess, out of any chance.¬† But I couple good shots on 15 and they blew the horn.¬† Came in and took a little break, came out and holed that putt and that changed everything.¬† It ended up in the middle of the green.

Q.¬† What was it like when you are playing with Ernie and you guys both know that you're‑‑ what you're playing for, and you're playing for the same thing?
BRENDAN STEELE:¬† Yeah.¬† Well, it's almost like when you're in the last group and it's down to a two‑horse race for the golf tournament.¬† That's all that mattered in our group.¬† We're not going to win the tournament.¬† We're not going to‑‑ whatever.¬† We're trying to shoot for that last spot.¬† And hopefully we can both get in with the result the way it is.

Q.¬† What did you hit on 18, a 2‑iron?
BRENDAN STEELE:¬† Yeah, I hit 2‑iron.¬† We actually ended up in a really bad number on 18.¬† I thought we'd be closer to the end of the fairway, and we were a little farther back.¬† I've got a 2‑iron and 4‑iron, and it was probably perfect 3‑iron.¬† I tried to hit some kind of manufactured 2‑iron shot and it came off.

Q.  When you play that well, eagle and three birdies there?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, eagle and 3 birdies.

Q.¬† When did it register that you were a shot ahead‑‑
BRENDAN STEELE: ¬†Ernie was 12‑under and I was 8‑under when we went back out there.¬† It didn't actually cross my mind catching him.¬† I was just trying to move up as far as I could.¬† With 18 you kind of figure maybe you can make an eagle on 18 and that changes everything.¬† I had heard that Spieth finished birdie, birdie, birdie, eagle or something like that.¬† So I made that my goal.¬† That was like if he can do it, it can be done.
But after I hit the shot to about a foot on 16, I thought, okay, now I'm two back with two to play, so now there's a chance, especially with 18, with a 3 potential on 18.  That was really when I thought there was a shot at it.

Q.¬† So if a 20 year old can do it, you, the veteran‑‑
BRENDAN STEELE:  I don't know, he does a lot of things a lot better than I do.  It seems pretty easy for him.

Q.  And also like even on 13, 14, surely you're hearing the rumbles, the thunder in the distance?

Q.¬† Are you thinking, please, blow‑‑
BRENDAN STEELE:  No, I wanted to get it done, because I wanted to make my 7:10 flight back home.  I was so far out of it, the thing I was concerned about most was getting home as soon as I could.  I was pretty miserable out there.  That changed pretty quick.

Q.  So what's your plan now?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Go home in the morning, not making that 7:10 flight anymore.  Home to Irvine.

Q.  Were your parents' home okay with the wild fires?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yes, they actually evacuated.  They came down to Irvine and spent five days with us.  I had just come home from 8 weeks on a row on the road.  We were out to dinner with Bryce and Kelly Molder, they came out to Laguna Beach from Arizona for a couple of days.  My dad called me and said we're going to have to evacuate.  They came down and stayed with us all week.  It was pretty stressful.  But it ended up okay.

Q.  That must have been a tough drive up not knowing what they were going to find when they got there?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah.  They knew the house was okay.  But the fire wasn't out yet.  They were letting them come back.  The firefighters said if it came over the last ridge, everybody needed to be gone, because they couldn't stop it.  And they kept it from coming over.

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