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September 1, 2013

Kevin Stadler


Q.テつ Let's talk about the last putt there.
KEVIN STADLER:テつ Hit a really good putt and it spun out.テつ I made a lot of good putts today.テつ And it just didn't roll.テつ It had a lot of break in it and it had to be perfect.

Q.テつ Have you played much with Tiger?
KEVIN STADLER:テつ Not a lot, about half a dozen times.

Q.テつ What's it like playing with him, especially where you shined under those conditions?
KEVIN STADLER:テつ For me it's easier to focus when there's a lot of people out there.テつ I don't know, I enjoyed it.

Q.テつ Do you feel you played similarly today as you did the first day?
KEVIN STADLER:テつ Probably played a little better today.テつ The first day I putted great.テつ I today I hit it pretty good.テつ I only missed a couple of greens.

Q.テつ Did the rain just make this course ripe for the picking?
KEVIN STADLER:テつ It's kind of been that way all week.テつ It's not a whole lot softer than it's been.テつ The rain and humidity, it's soft again.テつ It's pretty accessible. テつWide fairways to begin with and they're soft, so you're going to make a lot of birdies.

Q.テつ You've been going low the last couple of weeks, any change in your mindset or just making putts?
KEVIN STADLER:テつ No, just making putts, really.テつ It doesn't happen very often for me.テつ So sneak a few in here and there and start snowballing a little bit and the birdies are coming.

Q.テつ When you were out there, obviously people were yelling, "Go Tiger," did anybody yell out your name out there?
KEVIN STADLER:テつ After a few beers.テつ Somebody started yelling at me.テつ It's kind of loud, you hear people yelling every few steps, but you don't pay much attention to it.

Q.テつ Any putts out there stand out for you?
KEVIN STADLER:テつ Made about a 30‑footer on 10.テつ The one that I think helped me the most was late in the round.テつ But I made about a 10‑footer for par on 15.テつ And the rest of them were‑‑ not long ones, I'd say six to 12 feet.テつ The putts where you'd like to feel like you're going to make them all, but you're never going to make them all, but today I made most of them.

Q.テつ Any you regret missing?
KEVIN STADLER:テつ Obviously I'd like to have made one on the last.テつ Not really.テつ I hit a great putt, it lipped out pretty hard.

Q.テつ Do you enjoy shoot outs like this?
KEVIN STADLER:テつ It doesn't really matter.テつ It's 72 holes wherever we go.

Q.テつ Last weekend you had a 64 and then things go kind of south.テつ How do you recover this weekend to play as well as you did today?テつ You didn't let it get to you that things might go south?
KEVIN STADLER:テつ If things go south, they go south, it's out of my control.テつ I feel like I'm starting to play pretty good.テつ Last Thursday it was really, really good ball‑striking, and that was just a touch off the rest of the week.テつ But I played better than I scored the last couple of rounds last week and I'm still here.

Q.テつ Did you make any changes last Thursday?
KEVIN STADLER:テつ No, just gradually been trying to figure it out all.

Q.テつ Are you looking at the FedExCup standings at all?
KEVIN STADLER:テつ When I'm done I will.

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