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September 1, 2013

Marc Leishman


Q.テつ You've got a history here of coming here and playing your way in?テつ That's true, isn't it?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ It is, 2009 I had to do that.テつ And I'd rather not have to do that.テつ But the one time I've had to I managed to do it and hopefully I can hit a solid round tomorrow and cement my spot in the BMW and put a dent in The TOUR Championship as well.

Q.テつ I know you're watching the FedExCup as well, but The Presidents Cup is also coming up, and a good week here could also push you over the top.テつ I guess you're aware of that?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ I'm aware of the Presidents Cup, especially.テつ It's something I really want to do this year is play that.テつ I'd rather have a really good day tomorrow and try to get in that top 10 and take a piece out of it.テつ But who knows.テつ If I have a good round and don't get in the top 10 but still play well, I could‑‑ maybe one of those captain's picks.テつ I'd love to make one.

Q.テつ Do you have any idea what you need to do for both lists, do you have any idea where you need to finish to advance to BMW?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ Probably top 10 ‑‑ I'm guessing I'd have to finish top‑5, I'd guess.テつ BMW I'm guessing maybe top‑25 would do it, maybe top‑30.テつ But I'd like to not have a go at it as 25th.テつ I'd like to try and have another round like I had today and get into the top and make a real good run at it and win the whole thing.

Q.テつ How hard is to keep all those numbers out of your brain when you come into it?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ You do think about it, but once you're on the course you're fine.テつ You think about hitting the best shot you can.テつ And it is hard to take it out of your mind.テつ You do think about it every now and then when you're out there.テつ I guess you do think about it.

Q.テつ It seemed like the course has been soft the first two days.テつ What did this morning's rain do to it?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ It softened the fairways a bit, the fairways are running out a little bit.
I guess the first couple of days if you didn't strike an iron shot the right way it might release a little bit and today it didn't do that.テつ There was no wind whatsoever.テつ So it's weird playing with no wind, there's nothing to think about.テつ Normally you're trying to fade it against the wind or work with it, but today it was just hit the shot you want to hit, didn't really matter what shot you hit.

Q.テつ Did you expect the scores to be lower today than the first two days?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ Yes, especially the way the weather is.テつ Soft greens and no wind.テつ There's also a risk to pick up some pretty good scores.

Q.テつ When they teed off this morning and had the wipe out the early part of that round.テつ Have you ever been in that situation?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ Twice in the same tournament.テつ I was actually playing okay, and then the second time probably middle of the field, I don't know how many I had played, four or five holes.テつ So, yeah, I've done that before.

Q.テつ Is it an odd feeling?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ Yeah, very odd.テつ I mean we had a good idea it was going to happen, because when we teed it off it was pretty much unplayable.
But I guess this morning when the boys teed off out here, what was going to happen would happen.

Q.テつ First of all, nice round today.テつ You came in today and knew you had to do something coming in?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ Yeah, as of this morning it was 76 projected, so I knew that 32nd wasn't going to be good enough for me.テつ I knew I had to go out and have a good round and make some birdies and I managed to do it so it was nice.

Q.テつ Did you get more aggressive to start or did you feel it during the round and then got aggressive?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ No, I wasn't super aggressive, I wouldn't say.テつ I knew if‑‑ from the scores in the first couple of days, if you're playing good golf you can shoot a good score.テつ And being first out this morning helped with fresh greens and no wind.テつ So it was a good day to have to shoot a low one.テつ And to be able to shoot a low one was pretty satisfying.

Q.テつ If you hold your position you should finish around 49th, that gets you to next week.テつ That's the short‑term goal.テつ But you've played yourself into the tournament now.テつ And a win this time of year there's a lot of implications, it gets you back to Atlanta.テつ How badly do you want to get back to Atlanta, you haven't been there since 2009?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ Yeah, everyone in the field wants to go there.テつ And like you said, I haven't been there since 2009.テつ Not a bad tournament to get into.テつ So I'd definitely love to go.
But I've got a few goals this week, first of all to get in the BMW, obviously play in The TOUR Championship.テつ And The Presidents Cup is one of the main goals of the week.テつ And I'll need a pretty good week this week to hopefully get into the top‑10.テつ If I don't get in the top 10 in the standings and have a good week, I might get a captain's pick, who knows, but I'd rather not need one.

Q.テつ A lot at stake today.テつ How do you approach the round tomorrow?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ Tomorrow just exactly the same.テつ Just try and hit good shots and play good golf.テつ If I can play good golf it will take care of itself.テつ If I don't play good golf, we'll go from there.テつ If I can just do what I did today, hole some putts, which is key, and hopefully have another 64 or better.

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