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September 1, 2013

Graeme Storm


GRAEME STORM:テつ I haven't played my best golf tee‑to‑green.テつ I chipped and putted fantastic all week, so like I said earlier in the week, if I sharpen up the long game, then I'll go close.

Q.テつ And there were still moments even the back nine with the birdies, a good chance?
GRAEME STORM:テつ Yeah, I birdied 14 and I just wanted to try and catch Sテδクren to be honest.テつ I thought 5‑under might be the total to beat.テつ I just got unlucky on 15.テつ I got a lie, I was in a divot and I hit it and it went into the hazard and I got it on the green and it horseshoed and just wasn't meant to be.
But coming in, made two great saves and two nice putts at the last.

Q.テつ You said earlier in the week about your state of mind and the weight off your mind after finishing third in France, does that help when you're in the mix going down the home stretch?
GRAEME STORM:テつ It helps to know that if you make a mistake, it's not as disastrous as what it could be.テつ But it doesn't take the nerves or the pressure away.テつ I definitely thrive off being in the mix.

Q.テつ And certainly with the money that's accrued this time and the points, that's good for Dubai.
GRAEME STORM:テつ Yeah, exactly, that's the main goal to make The Race to Dubai.テつ I haven't played since 2009, so I'd like to get back there.テつ I enjoyed my time there when I played there that week, and it would be nice to go back.

Q.テつ Good run of events to come?
GRAEME STORM:テつ Yeah, I'm playing every week until the Dunhill, so looking forward to the rest of the season now.

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