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August 31, 2013

Keegan Bradley


Q.テつ Let's talk about today.テつ A little better than the opening round.テつ I thought your iron play was better today?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ Yeah, I played really, really solid today.テつ I actually played really well yesterday, just a couple bad bounces.テつ My game feels like it's in really, really good shape.テつ It's the best I've felt in awhile.

Q.テつ Sergio is out there already at 13.テつ A lot of guys are playing this afternoon.テつ What about tomorrow, you have to go out and go pretty low, don't you think?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ In this tournament you've got to shoot four good rounds, so hopefully one really low one.テつ I did my job the first two days and made under par.テつ And hopefully I'll go out and shoot low tomorrow.

Q.テつ Is this tournament like a Major to you?テつ Obviously you want it very badly.テつ Is it a Major?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ It feels really good to play around with the whole family and everybody that's here.テつ 150 tickets.テつ I like the Deutsche Bank a lot.

Q.テつ Does it add extra pressure?テつ I just wonder about that.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ Yes, it definitely does.テつ This is by far the best first two rounds I've ever played here.テつ Last year I snuck in on the number.テつ This is the best I've played here so far.

Q.テつ You got tickets for everybody.テつ They just kind of let you do your own thing and you go to work, after a day like today?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ Yeah, they're really good about letting me do my thing and recharge.テつ But it's great to see everybody out there.

Q.テつ Just comment on the round, if you can, for us?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ Yeah.テつ Today was a really solid round.テつ I played really solidly from the first hole to the last hole.テつ My putting was much better today.テつ Iron play was pretty solid.テつ I feel pretty good going into the next couple of days.

Q.テつ 14 was better for you today than yesterday?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ 14, yes.テつ It was a lot better today.テつ I made about a 50‑footer on that hole.テつ A lot of fun to make those kind of putts.

Q.テつ What's The Presidents Cup mean to you?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ It means so much.テつ Playing on the Presidents Cups team, Ryder Cup team is the most fun I could ever have on a golf course.テつ But playing for Freddie Couples is extra special.テつ That's going to be great.
I'm not on the team yet.テつ I'm in a very, very good spot.テつ But I'm not allowing myself to think that just yet.テつ Hopefully I'll get a chance to play for the USA and play well.

Q.テつ At this time last year you sat here and didn't know if you were going to make the cut or not.テつ A little better feel this year?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ Yeah, this year is much better.テつ I played so much better these first two days than I ever have here.テつ So that's a really good feeling.テつ And I hope to really play well tomorrow and put myself in position because the friends in the crowd here really help me out.テつ That will be a lot of fun.

Q.テつ Do you like playing tournaments where you've got to go really low, and last year it was 20‑under that won it?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ Yeah, you just know kind of beforehand that this is going to be one of those events where you've got to shoot in the 60s almost every round.テつ I prefer it when it's around 10‑under.テつ But, yeah, I love this golf course and love these people here.

Q.テつ You got 150 tickets?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ Yeah, Deutsche Bank, thanks to them, they gave me 150 tickets.テつ And looks like we're using most of them.テつ I've got a lot of people out here.テつ Makes it real fun.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ Playing for the USA, whenever team it is, is super important.テつ Most of all it's so much fun.テつ It would be heart breaking to miss out on that team atmosphere and the cheering and the playing at Muirfield in Columbus.テつ I really look forward to it.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ There's pressure to win every time, whether it's The Presidents Cup or this tournament.テつ We're going to have a very solid team.テつ And we really look forward to playing well there.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ Freddie is just a guy that everybody loves.テつ He's one of my favorite guys I've ever met.テつ He's a guy that you want to win for.
So I really‑‑ I would really cherish playing for him, because he's been one of my heroes ever since I was a little kid.

Q.テつ Did you have Shawn with you today?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ No, Shawn didn't play with us today.テつ But I'm sure I'll text him.

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