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August 30, 2013

Roberto Castro


Q.テつ Off to another fast start on the PGA Tour.テつ Is 65 reflective of the way you played?
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ I played nicely today.テつ A couple of loose shots, but always put it on the right side of the hole.テつ And I was able to save par a couple of times.
I played the par‑5s hole, and played‑‑ a drivable hole, made an easy birdie there.

Q.テつ We mentioned the good starts you've had on the PGA Tour this season.テつ Have you learned anything throughout the course of the year that you might be able to apply as you make your way through the week as you get off to a fast start again?
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ Definitely.テつ I think I'm improving from my first round positions.テつ 63 on Sunday, as opposed to the first day, would really make the difference.テつ Every time you get in contention and put a good round together, and follow it with another good round, is a good experience.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ I don't know, it's a great area of the country.テつ My fiance and I love‑‑ we fell in love with Boston last year and we're having another good week this year.

Q.テつ Do you still practice with those guys?
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ It's good for me.テつ Those guys are good.テつ They aren't typical college players, they all hit it about two clubs longer than I do and just straight crush every shot.テつ They have one shot, just hard as possible.

Q.テつ Keep you on your toes a little bit?
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ Yeah, definitely.

Q.テつ How different do you feel from the guy that shot 63 at Sawgrass?
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ A little bit different.テつ I feel more comfortable with being in contention.テつ I played with McIlroy today, and I'm more comfortable in pairings with some of the top players in the world.テつ And that just comes with experience.テつ So getting the next little bit, this has definitely helped me.

Q.テつ Do you do any number crunching with the standings?
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ No, I still think it's the same thing for me.テつ If I play well, I think I can make Atlanta.テつ I don't need to win.テつ I can't finish 50th, I just need to play well and try to win a tournament and see what happens.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ Yeah, it's nice to get off to a good start.テつ This is my second year on Tour.テつ Last year I finished 77th, I think, on Sunday there.テつ I was only a couple of shots to make it to the BMW.テつ So that's my only experience with it.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ I think so.

Q.テつ Do you look at these things any differently now than in the position you started this time than last year?
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ Definitely.テつ Now I have a better feeling for how the movement can be.テつ Last year I started at 100.テつ I played poorly the first round of Barclays and looked like I was going home.テつ And then I played the best round of the year at Barclays so just keep going and made it here.テつ Didn't make it to the BMW.
This year a started 38th or 40, I just looked at it if I play good I can move to Atlanta.テつ If I don't do anything special that's the way it goes.テつ I looked at it as a lot of up sides.

Q.テつ Is your motivation any different when you add extra layers to it?テつ Instead of playing well in a tournament, is your goal Atlanta?
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ I would say that would be a good goal.テつ But how do you get to Atlanta?テつ You play good in tournaments. テつSo it's not that much different.テつ It's more of just fun.テつ I don't see it as any pressure, really.テつ My coach is at home in Atlanta.テつ And my caddie, we've been kind of joking around, let's take it back home.テつ So something to play for.

Q.テつ What did you do on the par 5s today?
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ There was only three of them, right?テつ I birdied the two on the front.テつ And then on the back‑‑ so 3‑under on the par‑5s.

Q.テつ No exciting stories to tell?
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ On 18 I drove it way down there.テつ I had a 5‑iron and had a really severe lie, right on the edge of the fairway, and I tugged it way left and got it up and down.テつ But that wasn't terribly too good.テつ And the other two I just played solid.

Q.テつ We had the U.S. Am up here two weeks ago and there was seven Georgia Tech players in it.テつ Did you follow it at all?

Q.テつ What's the camaraderie like still, as you're an alum and you go through?
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ It's pretty tight for me, because I still live in Atlanta and play at a golf club out of Georgia where those guys play.テつ So I know all those guys really well and keep in touch with them when they're playing tournaments.
That's crazy stuff.テつ And they all qualified.テつ None of them were exempt, which is pretty nuts.テつ And three made match play.テつ They told me.テつ And three‑‑ two guys missed by like a shot.テつ So that's really impressive.テつ I don't remember that ‑‑ I played with my teammate, Nick Thomas, at Winged Foot when I was in college, but I don't remember getting more than one or two guys in the match‑‑ or even in the tournament.

Q.テつ Is there something about the style of golf up here, maybe the style of the course that kind of fits your style?
ROBERTO CASTRO:テつ You know, I love bentgrass greens, that's what I play up at home.テつ That's what I grew up on.テつ I feel comfortable last week and this week on that type of surface.テつ It's a great area of the country.テつ My fiance and I love‑‑ we fell in love with Boston last year, and we're having another good week this year.

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