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August 30, 2013

Lee Westwood


Q.テつ That was a heck of a start for the tournament?
LEE WESTWOOD:テつ Yeah, 5‑under par was a good round of golf.テつ I think the golf course was there for the taking this morning.テつ I gave myself a lot of chances, made some nice putts, as well.テつ I'm pleased with where I started.

Q.テつ Speaking of nice putts, how much did that putt break on the last hole?
LEE WESTWOOD:テつ Yeah, you know, the second shot was like two yards from being stone dead.テつ It was an Augusta‑type thing, where you get it on the slope and it carries down to the hole.テつ It was unfortunate coming down, but it stopped dead.テつ I feel I made the first putt and about 20‑foot of break on it.テつ I certainly wasn't looking for the hole when I hit it.

Q.テつ You played very consistently this year, what's it going to take for you to get in that winner's circle?
LEE WESTWOOD:テつ I think just play the way I'm playing.テつ I feel really comfortable this week.テつ And I feel like my game is coming together.テつ I've got a bit of a bad back which is going to take a bit of work and try and loosen that up.テつ But maybe for lack of practice, because I haven't been hitting balls will do me good.

Q.テつ How are feeling?
LEE WESTWOOD:テつ I've got a little bit of a bad back.テつ I keep getting treatments on it and hopefully it loosens up, but this morning it was a bit stiff.テつ I think that's what made me play well.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
LEE WESTWOOD:テつ It was a nice start.テつ I think the golf course is very receptive and quite soft.テつ If you hit it in fairways it sets up a lot of birdie chances.テつ I hit my irons well, and hit a lot close.テつ And I made a few putts, which is nice.テつ I'm starting to feel much more comfortable on the greens.

Q.テつ The greens were pretty fast?
LEE WESTWOOD:テつ The greens are quite quick, if you get the wrong side of the hole for sure.テつ But very true.テつ If you start on right line then it goes in.

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