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August 30, 2013

Cristie Kerr


Q.  Another solid round.  What worked for you out there?
CRISTIE KERR:¬† I actually hit it awful.¬† I mean, I know you're not expecting somebody that's 10‑under to say that, but I didn't hit it very well.¬† Scary to think how low I can go with the way I'm putting and holding it together if I actually hit it well the next two days, so I'm going to go and beat some balls on the range and find it.

Q.¬† That has to be pretty promising to hit the ball bad and still come out‑‑
CRISTIE KERR:¬† Yeah, I managed an eagle today, which was three perfect shots.¬† There were moments of greatness.¬† But just want to make it a little less stressful on myself, a little more easy, a little more fairways and greens like Lizette had going.¬† Even I could have shot lower, too.¬† That's the crazy thing about golf.¬† I missed an eight‑, nine‑footer on 7 and an eight‑, nine‑footer on 8, too, so I could have shot 6‑under hitting it awful, so that's pretty good.

Q.  I was talking to Golf Channel yesterday and they said the first words out of your mouth when you found out we were coming back is, "okay, I'm defending champion."  How nice is it to be back here?
CRISTIE KERR:¬† Yeah, I kind of said I'm kind of defending but not really.¬† It's one of my favorite courses obviously.¬† I love it.¬† You can tell by the way I'm playing.¬† But yeah, it's great.¬† It's old, classic‑style golf, nothing tricky, just straight in front of you.¬† You've got to make the putts, and it's a great course, great place.

Q.  How would you sum up your year so far?
CRISTIE KERR:¬† I would say it's been pretty good.¬† I've kind of dealt with some injuries as of late with my elbow and tendonitis, and this is my‑‑ let's see, this is only my fourth event from taking a month off, so I feel like I'm starting to get my stride again.

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