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August 29, 2013

Richard Green


Q.テつ That's some going in windy conditions.
RICHARD GREEN:テつ Yeah, I played really well.テつ I hit the should the that I needed to at the right time, and just very fortunate with the putter a little bit, as well.テつ A couple long putts went in, a long one on 16, a long one on 17, good pitch shot on 16.
But you know, the rest of it was pretty solid, and you know, I'd like to think that my game's in half‑decent shape at the moment, which is nice.テつ I played fairly nicely last week but just didn't get a score on the board.テつ But the hitting's pretty good, and you know, I'm hitting it in play and putting's good.テつ So they are the ingredients you need to keep going.

Q.テつ That's a lovely looking scoreboard.テつ Looks like there's a lot of control out there.
RICHARD GREEN:テつ Yeah, Espen's got a couple of shot lead, so we'll working hard and keep the pressure on hopefully and just keep going one shot at a time and try and do the best and see what the result happens tomorrow.

Q.テつ Espen played in the best of the conditions, so you can take even more credit from your round?
RICHARD GREEN:テつ A round of golf is a round of golf, isn't it.テつ You take it when you can get it.

Q.テつ You've been playing better and better, The French Open was last time you were in there with a nice chance.
RICHARD GREEN:テつ Yeah, the signs are good.テつ There's some good signs there.テつ I've been sort of suffering a bit of tennis elbow and a bit of a dodgy right wrist and a bad shoulder, as you do when you get older.
So I'm managing them pretty well.テつ The guys in the physio truck are looking after me pretty well and getting me fit to play.テつ As long as I keep up that sort of work and keep fit, I'll be all right.

Q.テつ Sounds like it's not natural just to keep up that kind of work.
RICHARD GREEN:テつ I've gone 20 years in my golf career injury‑free and all of a sudden in one year, I've got three different things bothering me.テつ So it was hard the first half of this year to try and manage it, but you know, with the help of the guys in the physio truck, they have sorted me out a bit.

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