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August 25, 2013

Adam Scott


Q.  Winning The Barclays, first round of the FedExCup, how do you feel?
ADAM SCOTT:  I can't believe it to be honest.  I just played a good round today and I came in and really didn't think it had a chance.  But obviously things went my way a lot out there, and so happy.
But just quickly, I've got to say, this win is for a new member of my family.  Olivia was born yesterday, so a big shout‑out to my sister and her husband, Brad, who is actually my coach, too.  I'm thinking of you guys.

Q.  What a Sunday charge by you.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, it was a good charge but obviously I got a lot of luck, the guys struggled coming in.  I've been in their position, too.  It's hard getting it done and I was playing from a position of nothing to lose today.

Q.  How sweet is this one for you coming from six shots back and shooting that 66 in the final round?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, it's pretty sweet.  It's a great event to win.  To win the first playoff event really sets you up for a great run and excited about the next few weeks now.  Looking forward to getting into East Lake, hopefully having a chance to be a FedEx Champion.

Q.  Could you imagine, the way things were going yesterday, that you would be the champ?  Look at you, the champ of The Barclays?
ADAM SCOTT:  It is, really, like I said, it's unbelievable.  After about 12, 13 holes yesterday, I was playing like a dog, and somehow just managed to grind out a decent score, and it's so important to do that, because you never know what happens in this game.

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