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August 25, 2013

Richie Ramsay


RICHIE RAMSAY:  The physios did a great job this week.  Felt a lot better every day, and just a case of a few putts not dropping.  You know, looking back, I felt almost at times I hit the ball better than I did last year at Crans, but I got the putts to drop there this week.
Like the last was a great example.  I hit a great putt, just didn't drop left, especially at that speed, which I thought it was going to.  But you take those things on the chin, and you look at it and it's a really good week, and for a few less putts and a little bit more belief, you know, coming down that last hole, think you have a chance to win.

Q.  Still troubling but nothing like as bad as the start of the week?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  Yeah, it's almost like something I do now.  It's part of my routine.  It's just been something that's been an issue for a while.
I've done some work with Barry Jones from the Institute of Sport in Scotland, and that's helped.  I tried to make a swing change on Sunday to my setup‑‑ my left shoulder, and I hit balls doing that, and then the next morning, I couldn't look left.  It's been a tough week from that point of view, because you're going out there thinking, am I going to play or am I not going to play.
Yeah, I tried to take a little bit more belief this week into what I was doing, a little bit more direct to the flags.  Feel like I was playing more attacking golf, and especially today, you need to do that, because there wasn't much wind out there.  There was some tricky pins, but if you hit it in the fairway, you really have to knock the pins in.

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