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August 25, 2013

Jonas Blixt

Rickie Fowler


Q.  Take us through today, the (identical orange) outfits, what comments did you get out there?
RICKIE FOWLER:  A lot of them were the same.
RICKIE FOWLER:  Like he started to react from some of the people saying Rickie, so he was waving at people for me today.
I don't know, I didn't hear anything that surprised me.  I think everything was pretty fairly expected as far as comments went.
JONAS BLIXT:  I expected a lot more, actually.  I mean, we are in New York.  I thought they were going to be mean to us.
RICKIE FOWLER:  No, they were all nice.  There was nothing too bad.

Q.  You expected more?
RICKIE FOWLER:  A lot of people didn't understand that we're actually friends and this might have been planned.  So a lot of them were saying, you know, like did you call each other last night‑‑ well, of course this was planned.  He didn't do it to piss me off or something.

Q.  Rickie, you obviously see a lot of young kids dressed up outside the ropes, is this the first time you've seen someone dressed like you inside the ropes?
RICKIE FOWLER:  As far as inside, yeah.  I mean, the closest it probably gets is maybe when Poulter has some of his stuff on;  if we happen to have some of the same colors on.
Jonas and I have ended up in some of the same outfits here and there.  We try not to do it, on accident; on purpose, sometimes.

Q.  Did you already have this?
JONAS BLIXT:  No, this is Rickie's clothes.  That's why my pants are so tight.

Q.  Will you give the clothes back to him?
JONAS BLIXT:  I was going to burn them.
RICKIE FOWLER:  Yeah, he hit one of the water, got them a little dirty, probably stretched out the pants a little bit, so they are his now.

Q.  How many do you have?
RICKIE FOWLER:  I have quite a few.  I keep a bin with all my shoes and I have a double bag with the full line, so I've got quite a few pairs of pants, probably‑‑ I have probably five or six pairs of orange pants in there just kind of piled up.

Q.  How much difference in the waste size?
RICKIE FOWLER:  He's a 38, I'm a 30.  He's in a 30, he's good.

Q.  Inaudible.
JONAS BLIXT:  Terrible‑‑ he kind of brings it up.  I mean, if I shot 81 and I didn't wear this, I'd probably be a little more pissed off right now.

Q.  So the goal was to have fun with it obviously.
JONAS BLIXT:  Absolutely.  Yeah, absolutely.

Q.  Inaudible.
RICKIE FOWLER:  No one said anything‑‑ it touched?  I don't know if they touched.  I don't know about balls touching, but they were close, though.

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