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August 24, 2013

Aaron Baddeley


Q.  Just talk about moving up in the standings?
AARON BADDELEY:  Yeah, the FedExCup, there's a lot of movement in the first one, you can really move up.  Yeah, this is a very important event.

Q.  Talk a little, too, about just kind of tempering your mind‑set, you're obviously playing well, looking to win a tournament; the shifting might not matter but trying to win a golf tournament?
AARON BADDELEY:  Yeah, tomorrow just come out and get ready and know that if I can get another round like today, get off to a good start, you can get in the lead early and come from there.

Q.  What was your key today?
AARON BADDELEY:  I drove it really well.  Hit my irons really well on the first 15 holes and made a couple nice par saves.   Overall I was in a groove.

Q.  So with your position on the points list, what is the approach going to be?
AARON BADDELEY:  Pretty relaxed, just go out there and play as well as I can and play golf.

Q.  How do you explain your season?
AARON BADDELEY:  It's been a challenging season, it really has.  Been the most missed cuts in a row for me.  Changed my swing a little bit the last couple years and haven't been very good with my ball‑striking.
So really just trying to, inaudible‑‑ if I can start hitting the ball‑‑ this week I hit the ball really nicely, and it shows, I'm back in the tournament.
My practice on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday was as good as it's been all year, so that was definitely‑‑ I was very happy to go out‑‑ inaudible.  It's been okay Tuesday, Wednesday average, dropped off and this week it's been the other way.

Q.  After Thursday, finally got three days, and now ‑‑
AARON BADDELEY:  That's normal.  Storms come through‑‑ playing 36 holes or playing 18 in a 12‑hour period.  I don't mind when we play 36 holes or 30 holes.

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