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August 23, 2013

Lorie Kane


LORIE KANE:  Well, it's golf, unfortunately.  I played well and a couple short ones yesterday, and you can't make double bogeys and expect to even challenge to win a golf tournament.
I don't really know what to say.  Just I'm doing a lot of really good things, and I'm just going to trying to continue doing what I'm doing.  You know, it's a tough way, but I think of the Miracle Match and Jocelyn and her struggles, and missing 12 putts really doesn't mean a whole lot.

Q.  Were you aware on 18 what the number was?
LORIE KANE:  I try not to pay attention to that.  To be honest with you, I looked where Inbee was and thought that I could get close, and that was my goal today.  Unfortunately, through some middle of the round to near the end of the round, I'm just not keeping my concentration probably to the fact of wanting to win.
I'm not a cut‑line player.  I'm better than that.  You know, unfortunately, the golf I'm showing on the last few holes makes me look like a cut‑line player.  I'm disappointed.  I'm going to keep working hard.
Would have loved to have been able to challenge on the weekend, because it is out there.  This golf course is fantastic.  I think if you get on a run you could make a bunch.  They're out ahead of us, but, you know, it's a break, break.  (Indiscernible).  It really was.

Q.  That's really classy there signing for everyone.  Does it make you feel better?
LORIE KANE:  No, that's part of it.  I can't walk by a kid and not say hi.  I can't walk by somebody that says hi to me and I say hi.  We all say hi.  Signing autographs is part of what we do, at least what I do.  I think it's very important.  A lot of these people followed me the whole day or waited here to have an opportunity to meet me; and that is flattering.
I don't really know why‑‑ I guess if I was at a hockey game I'd be a lot (indiscernible), but I'm just somebody who loves what she does and more importantly loves what I've been able to do over these last eight years with CN.

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