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August 23, 2013

Paula Creamer


Q.  Another nice round out there today.  Course playing any different today than yesterday?
PAULA CREAMER:  A little bit trickier pins.  I didn't hit my driver quite as well as I did yesterday, but I hit some really good irons and made some good putts.  Definitely gave myself a lot of opportunities coming down the stretch.  But I'm feeling good with where I'm sitting, so hopefully I'll have a good weekend.

Q.  Nice to be in striking distance heading into the weekend?
PAULA CREAMER:  Oh, yeah.  Especially out here, the crowds and the fans are so good, and they're so supportive of my golf.  It's kind of fun to be playing good and hitting good shots and making some putts.

Q.  Little trouble on 5?
PAULA CREAMER:  Yeah, I doubled 5.  I hit it in the left bunker and didn't hit a very good bunker shot out, and hit a decent shot to about 20 feet below the hole and hit it about three feet by.  It's like the one pin you can't hit it three feet by.  It was maybe three cuts of break, right to left, and I hit a good putt.  It's just tough when you're trying to dial a ball three feet, and I ended up three‑putting.
I gave myself some good looks coming in after that.  Every week we're going to make mistakes; it's just that was an unfortunate one for myself.

Q.  You talk about putting yourself in position again and again.  Do you feel it each time it happens?
PAULA CREAMER:  You know, I guess it all kind of is similar.  It's just learning from having a problem like I did on No. 5 and bouncing back.  Having a bogey and bouncing back like I did on 18, then birdieing 1 and 2.  Things like that that you can learn from.
Like I said, I'm hitting the ball really well.  I know I'm going to make some birdies.  It's just limiting those mistakes and trying to take advantage of when I do hit good shots and making a good putt.

Q.  Talking to Angela about 45 minutes ago probably still the case.  There are still eight of you American Solheim Cup girls in the top 15.  What's going on with that?
PAULA CREAMER:  I think we're all really pumped up after last week.  We played well, like I said.  I keep saying that I played really well last week, hit the ball well.  These greens are actually very similar to last week.  I saw huge breaks and undulating.  You kind of had almost like a practice round before this week was last weeks.  It's hard visualizing three feet of breaks sometimes and when you have to do it in that pressure moment like last week, coming here kind of helps that.

Q.  Is putting the past in the past and closing the door on it just something that comes with being pro?
PAULA CREAMER:  Yeah, you have to always keep moving forward.  There is time to look back at stuff and trying to figure out what happened.  But you can't be too upset about it.  Like last week, you know, it is unfortunate, but we got beat.  It was just something that am I going to look at it and assess what happened?  Sure.  That's what everybody does in life.  You know, moving to this week, this is a big tournament.  This is a big event for us.  I knew I had to kind of move on and try to play well here.

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