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November 13, 2003

Felipe Aguilar


JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Why don't you just explain what happened out there.

FELIPE AGUILAR: It actually happened Tuesday about 7:00 in the evening when I was going to dinner with all the players, Tuesday night. I was getting into the transportation van. It was really dark. As soon as I got in, I kind of slipped and these two fingers came all the way back. I never thought it was a fracture or a sprain, I just thought it was muscle pain because of the way it stretched.

But yesterday, the swelling went down a little bit, and after that the doctor, he had told me it was better to get an x-ray, so I went down to the hospital. I got the x-rays and it was a perfect fracture. When we heard that, we tried to get an another player. We asked the rules official if we could get another player here from Chile to play with. The rules won't let us. So I have to tee it up.

So I went out there, I put some cortizone today, tried to wrap it up to get the pain away and tried to get some balls in play, obviously not with the thought of winning, but the thought of trying to finish. But after nine holes, I just couldn't hit. I only played one complete hole. I hit 3 other balls. One topped, one shanked.

Q. You did have a score on one hole?

FELIPE AGUILAR: I scored a double bogey. That was the only hole I finished. I think it's just a little bit unlucky. Things happen. This is a tournament you work all year for, especially for us coming from Chile. I think we had the best team that Chile ever had in this tournament. We won our section of qualifying. We played really well. We played in three tournaments after the qualifying. We finished first, second and third, all the time, so we were pretty confident coming out here.

I'm a little sad just the way it happened, just by getting into our car to go home. It's silly but that's the way it happened.

Q. You basically went right to the first tee. You didn't hit balls?

FELIPE AGUILAR: No, I didn't hit on the first tee. My first shot was on the 4th hole, the par 3 -- no, No. 3, I think I hit the ball. It went straight right. On No. 4, I hit another wood and I topped it. And then I played No. 5 and I scored a double bogey for the team.

Q. Did you warm up at all today?

FELIPE AGUILAR: Just on the putting green. I didn't want to work with my hand too much. I did my stretching and all those things. I just chipped and putt before going out there, a lot of stretching.

Q. Did you play yesterday?

FELIPE AGUILAR: No, I played my practice round on Tuesday with Roy.

Q. It happened after that?

FELIPE AGUILAR: It happened Tuesday night about 7:00.

Q. How did you play on Tuesday?

FELIPE AGUILAR: We were playing really good. We were really confident. We knew we had to play well. We both played quite well. The course was setting up perfectly. It's difficult, it's long, the way we like it. We were striking the ball quite well, actually. Roy struck the ball pretty good today, but it's difficult to be out there playing against everybody else by yourself.

Q. When did you all arrive here?

FELIPE AGUILAR: We arrived Monday morning. We came out here Monday afternoon, hit a couple of balls, chipped and putt. We were taking it easy because it was an 11, 12-hour flight to get here. We just came out here, practiced and were getting ready to go out on the course on Tuesday.

Q. Did you come from Santiago?

FELIPE AGUILAR: Yes, Santiago to Atlanta, Atlanta to Charleston.

Q. How long are you going to be out, do you think?

FELIPE AGUILAR: Well, the doctor says about six weeks. I have an exhibition game with Romero and Cabrera on the 13th and 14th of December, but I was just speaking to my manager, I won't be able to play because of this. We'll see. At least I'm going to have to stay out of my job for three or four weeks.

Q. The South American Tour starts now.

FELIPE AGUILAR: I'm not going to be able to play that. Pretty much I'm out until the first week of January.

Q. It's a disappointment not playing for your country, but this is probably the largest purse you've ever played for.

FELIPE AGUILAR: Yes, I've played big tournaments. I've played a couple of Tour events, but this is the tournament where you have the most chance to make money. Besides that, it's not the money, it's just because you have everybody in Chile, I had 25 calls yesterday.

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