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August 23, 2013

Cristie Kerr


CRISTIE KERR:  It was strange.  It was a strange last hole for Inbee too.

Q.  Did she hear it too?
CRISTIE KERR:  No, no, no.  She bogeyed the last hole too.

Q.  Can you tell me some of the highlights of your shots?
CRISTIE KERR:  Yeah, I mean, I hit three perfect shots on 17.  I made a sliding left to right that broke five to six feet, putt went right in the middle.  It was great.  On 16, I lipped out.  I thought it was in.  I thought I hit a great putt on 15, thought it was in.  And 14, made birdie, great birdie.  I started off with great birdies on 10 and 11.
On the front I was just kind of pulling it a little bit with my irons and some of the putts were just missing.  So it was good to get some momentum in the middle of the round.

Q.  On 10 and 11 you hit it‑‑
CRISTIE KERR:  I hit it about 10, 11 feet.

Q.  On 10?
CRISTIE KERR:  On 10, and I hit it four or five feet.  Almost made two hole-in-ones today that went right by the hole there.  Then that was on the front after the par‑5.  It goes right to left.  4, I mean, literally almost went in the hole.

Q.  How far away was that one?
CRISTIE KERR:  Three feet.

Q.  What did you hit on 4 in?
CRISTIE KERR:  Little 7.

Q.  From about?
CRISTIE KERR:  I don't know, 160‑some yards.  I hit 6‑iron here.  We had about 175 or something to the hole, 180 or something like that.

Q.  So do you take this as a round that could have been, or do you take it as a round‑‑
CRISTIE KERR:  It's kind of both the same days.  I mean, Geez, 4‑under on this golf course is great.  I'm mad at myself for blocking my last tee shot, but I did so much good stuff in the last couple days.  I mean, you can't do anything about a porta potty door slamming in your back swing, and it was what it was.
I mean, I sucked it up, and I made a really good two‑putt for bogey.  Just got to do the same thing and not bogey the last hole.

Q.  So on 18, you hit it right?
CRISTIE KERR:  I hit it right, and there is a mound that will kick it left, and I hit it straight and it went right.  So I got under a tree, pitched it out, and I hit a perfect sand wedge.

Q.  From about?
CRISTIE KERR:  100 yards.

Q.  That's when the door slammed?
CRISTIE KERR:  Yeah, yeah.

Q.  In the middle of your back swing?
CRISTIE KERR:  Yeah, it really, really scared me.  Why don't they make Porta-Potties with the foam?  I don't know.  Because they're cheap.  Nobody wants to go to the bathroom in a Porta-Potty.

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