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August 22, 2013

Oliver Fisher


Q.テつ Fantastic way to start the championship, isn't it?
OLIVER FISHER:テつ Yeah, starting on 11,11 was a good chance and 12 and 13 are fairly strong holes on this course, and then you get to 14, 15, 16 and you have 18 being as short as it is, you can make a few birdies around that stretch there.
So I was fortunate enough to do that and made a good par at the first, birdied two, on the green in two, hit two nice shots.テつ Just a couple of bogeys coming in.テつ I made a good birdie on 8.テつ Made a great putt there.
It was a good round, good start.

Q.テつ Ripe for good scoring, isn't it?
OLIVER FISHER:テつ Yes, I guess I dressed correctly for the tournament.テつ I think we have been pretty lucky this morning.テつ It's looked like it's been trying to rain all day but kind of hasn't.テつ I'm not sure what the forecast is this afternoon but I think it's about 50 per cent chance of rain throughout the day and we have been lucky enough to miss it this morning.
.テつ I think we've had good conditions and the greens are rolling really well.テつ The early rounds definitely do get slightly better greens here and the course is in great shape.テつ I don't think we've seen Gleneagles in as good of shape as this in the six or seven times I've played it.テつ It was good fun and glad I played well.

Q.テつ Despite your young age, you have played it plenty of times, and if memory is right, you scored nice for the first visit; Top‑10, wasn't it?
OLIVER FISHER:テつ Yeah, I played okay before, had a few good rounds.テつ It's one of those courses where if you're okay off the tee, you can score well.テつ A few tee shots out there are pretty tough, around, I don't know, the fifth, 3 and 5 especially.テつ I feel quite happy with my game and looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.テつ Essentially your game has been decent shape across the season, if scoring has not quite reflected it.
OLIVER FISHER:テつ We are not playing easy courses out here week‑after‑week.テつ Level par, 1‑over, 1‑under here or there are not particularly bad scores.テつ I've been out long enough to be patient and learning that I'm good enough to do what I can do and just got to believe in it.

Q.テつ Which is a nice positive attitude, which gets frustrating, as well?
OLIVER FISHER:テつ Of course it does like anything.テつ Any job gets frustrating time to time and I guess it's just part of playing sport and golf, for sure.

Q.テつ You mentioned the scoring is not quite reflective of how well you're playing; can you put your finger on the reason behind that?
OLIVER FISHER:テつ Yeah, get a bounce here or there or making a few more putts on the round, it doesn't change much to shoot 3‑under rather than shooting over par.
I feel like I'm playing decent enough all season, and as from last year and the year before, my consistency and long game is improving which is if I feel like I've been struggling the past three or four years sort of thing, so that's improving.
I'm learning still and still enjoying it, so I guess that's all you can do really.

Q.テつ No worries about The Race to Dubai position at this stage of the year?
OLIVER FISHER:テつ It's something that's always there.テつ You can't get rid of the fact where you are in The Race to Dubai, but we have six big weeks coming up and you can have a good week over here or anywhere and jump up really quick.
It doesn't take a lot in this game to change things around, and I think I've been out here long enough to realise that now.テつ It doesn't take much to shoot 5‑ or 6‑under par like I did today as it is just to go out and play well and shoot level par and miss all the putts.テつ Guys out there would have played just as good, or just the putts haven't dropped.テつ You have to be patient and realize that.

Q.テつ I think you're playing partner in the last round of The Open was Jason Dufner, showed what's possible.
OLIVER FISHER:テつ Yeah, I played with Jason the last round, I think he shoot 4‑under and I shoot three, and there's not a lot between, he's just gone onto finish second at Bridgestone and won the PGA, and I sat at home watching it on telly.テつ It doesn't take a lot, the difference in the game to completely change your year or change your career, if you like.
Yeah, just keep believing and being patient.テつ I know the golf I can play and stuff and it's just a matter of getting out there and taking a bit of responsibility I guess.

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