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August 18, 2013

Su-Wei Hsieh

Shuai Peng


S. HSIEH, S. PENG/A. Groenefeld, K. Peschke
2‑6, 6‑3, 12‑10

Q.  Question for either or both of you.  After the slow start, especially on your service games, how were you able to work your way back into the match and turn things around so quickly?
SHUAI PENG:  I think first set they started playing well, and then it give a lot of pressure for us.
And then I think it's the first time we play them together‑‑ we play ‑‑ together we never played them before.  So when we first started, we also a little bit didn't know how to play.
And then the second set start calling the coach, and he telling us some strategy.  Then we just go there to try to fight, and then we're really happy to come back and win the second set.

Q.  What was the strategy?  Anything you care to share?
SU‑WEI HSIEH:  Like don't fight.
SHUAI PENG:  No, because they played like a lot of I‑formation on their serve.  So it's like a little bit different for the other opponent.
And also Groenefeld give like a big serve and then really like hard baseline.  At first, like we didn't know what we're to do to play to her.
The second set, we tried to like take the ball harder first and then give her like a lot of pressure.
Also, the coach telling us like don't be afraid when they do the I‑formation because the first set, maybe they just do the I‑formation, we're already like a little bit struggling, like‑‑ not like a clean "I".
So like second set, when we return it, like more like don't look there.  Like to go hit the ball and do what we can do.

Q.  Do you not see much of the I‑formation, or were you just not expecting it from them?
SU‑WEI HSIEH:  We see some of the I‑formation, but not like them doing it the full‑time.  So it was a little bit different for us.
SHUAI PENG:  Also, like we play the first set, maybe we're also already used to it a little bit.

Q.  If you can, talk about the tiebreak when you guys were up 9‑5 and then had a little difficulty putting it away.  Did they just step it up?
SHUAI PENG:  Yes, sometimes we were like lucky or happy to come back and to still win the two points.
I think from 9‑5, both like have three good points and then were like a little bit unlucky the time they took it because of the drop shot and then took the lob and also like a lot of running.
So I think they hit like a couple of really like a good point, also like Groenefeld the second serve, and then Peschke just go poach really good.  Also surprise us.
And then like‑‑ oh, because tennis is like this.  They didn't get to finish the point, you never know, because still on the game.  And then to 9‑All, we just try to go fight and then lucky the two points we're winning because sometimes they're having what can be like a comeback and we lose.
SU‑WEI HSIEH:  I mean, it's a great match because every point we try very hard to win the point.  So it's very difficult to try so hard to get the ball, the approach, hitting the ball hard, serving the ball really well and make a small mistake, and back to 9‑All.
And at 9‑All she's doing very good at the baseline, and I have a chance to approach at the net, which is a very important shot for us, especially because at 9‑8, 9‑7‑‑
SHUAI PENG:  A little tight.
SU‑WEI HSIEH:  Yeah, nervous, struggling.  So it's very interesting for us.

Q.  First tournament together since you won Wimbledon?

Q.  What have you been doing in the meantime?
SHUAI PENG:  I have to go back to China to play the national games every four years for us, like for my team also really important.  So I have a long week and a lot of matches.
I was supposed to come to Toronto, but I could not get a Visa because the embassy there stop working for two weeks.  And then I had to take another four days to took out my passport.  So no chance for me to come to Toronto.
So I have to say sorry.  We were supposed to play in Toronto together, but it's not the first time that happened for me.
I was really happy to come here and then also like‑‑ I don't know, like just really happy to win because at first I come, you know, the time change in the first like three or four days, I have to take the pill like for sleep, and every day like I wake up, there is like middle of the night, evening.  The black/white for me is really difficult.

Q.  Will you just go to New York from here or start working?  What are your plans?
SHUAI PENG:  No.  We go play Cincinnati.  I have to play tomorrow night.
SHUAI PENG:  Oh, New Haven.  Sorry.  And also doubles because we try to now fight for the‑‑
SU‑WEI HSIEH:  Try to get into Istanbul.
       Because also today this match is very‑‑ we're No.4, and they're No.5.  If they win, maybe under 100 points close to us.  If we win, we get a little bit more.  So both sides really want to win.
SHUAI PENG:  So we're still playing New Haven.
SU‑WEI HSIEH:  And we never play Istanbul before.  So we're trying to schedule the tournaments better and trying to win a little bit more because we didn't play a lot of tournaments.  Now, including this tournament, this is No. 9 tournament we play.

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