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August 18, 2013

Lexi Thompson


Q.  Talk about your match.  You didn't really let her get close to you at all.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Well, you know we both‑‑ I mean I shot probably around 2‑under or something.  It was close.  I just made a few birdies on her.
But she played consistent, she was making pars, and overall she's a great player.  And we knew whoever we were going to get in singles, it was going to be a good match.

Q.  Obviously, you know just what happened here, Europe just won.  What are your thoughts and feelings about it?
LEXI THOMPSON:  I didn't know they did.

Q.  Caroline Hedwall just made her putt on 18 to beat Michelle Wie.  So 14 points to now 8 for USA.  Talk about your feelings about that.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, it's rough to go through a loss, but overall we had an amazing team.  We have been playing great, we knew that we had good competition to play against.
It's unfortunate we lost, but we were such a great team, with bonding and everything, and how our games matched up, so we wouldn't change anything.

Q.  Your rookie year, your rookie experience.  Just talk about playing on the team for the first time.
LEXI THOMPSON:  It was amazing.  It was a dream come true.  This was one of my goals for the last two years, to make this team.  Because I love representing my country, there's nothing like wearing red, white and blue.  And to have a captain like Meg Mallon, it's an honor to play on her team and be playing with the best players in the world on your side.

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