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August 18, 2013

Matthew Fitzpatrick


Q.  Matthew, congratulations on your victory.  Does it seem at all ironic to you that 100 years ago an American beat people from England to win the Open Championship, and now over 100 years later you're the first Britisher to win the U.S.Amateur?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK:¬† I mean, it's absolutely amazing.¬† I can't really describe how I'm feeling at the minute.¬† I also think it's quite strange that I had my little brother on the bag, and every single‑‑ well, most people have been saying that we're a bit like Ouimet.¬† So no, it's a fantastic feeling, and it's nice to be the first for a while.

Q.  Your brother was on the bag for you as caddie, as Eddie Lowery was on the bag for Francis Ouimet.  Did he help keep you calm?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK:  It's hard to tell.  Walking down 15 I was pretty focused.  He was, to be fair, laughing and joking away.  But yeah, I think maybe he was a bit nervous and that's why he was trying to be funny.  But no, he's done an amazing job, and I don't know how I'm going to thank him, really.

Q.  You came here as the No.2 ranked amateur in the world, and now obviously you're in some of the greatest championships in golf.  What are your thoughts about what's next for Matthew Fitzpatrick?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK:  What's next for me is go home and chill out for a few days.  My legs are tired.  My legs are definitely tired, that's for sure, and unfortunately I've got to prepare myself for college because I'm quite a bit behind in the process.  I've got to get my visa still and need to get on top of that before I can think about anything else, really.

Q.  You've got to come back for next year's Open, the Masters, and of course you're going to be in the Open Championship at home.  This is pretty heady stuff.  When you left the shores across the way, did you ever think this might happen this week?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK:  It's always hard to tell.  I've been playing pretty well since the end of my exams, which were just before the Open, and I came into it with positives, and I've been playing nicely and practicing quite hard and stuff like that.  I had in mind that I might be able to do well, but I didn't think about getting this far, really.  I wouldn't say I was questioning my ability, I just never even thought this far forward into the tournament, really.  I was happy to qualify and then just take it from there.

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