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August 18, 2013

Paula Creamer


Q.  (No Microphone.)
PAULA CREAMER:  I just didn't bring it today.  This Solheim Cup brings the best and worst out of you.
But I just couldn't hit a fairway on the front nine, and it's just, when you're going against someone that's putting it close and you're struggling, it kind of gets to you.
But we fought hard.  I really tried as hard as I possibly could, and I can't tell you how great these fans are out here.  It's amazing.  Everybody's saying "we believe".  And we all do.  We all believe out here.  And it was unfortunate, but now I've got to go be the best cheerleader I can be for my team.

Q.  No doubt you guys talked a lot about strategy, and how you wanted to approach the day today.  You knew you needed to get off to a fast start.  Tell us about what it was like in that team room last night.
PAULA CREAMER:  That was awesome.  It was one of the best experiences that I've been a part of.  We were just so fired up, so much just encouragement.  But it was a pretty aggressive approach and I think that's what we needed.  We needed a little bit of a wake up call in a sense.  We have played good golf.  They have just played better.  We haven't made as many putts as they had or whatnot, but that's golf and you can't let it gets down.  You just had to go out and win your one point.  I didn't do that right now, but like I said.  I'm going to go be a good cheerleader and last night was awesome.

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