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August 18, 2013

Matt Jones


Q.  62 on the golf course. What went right?
MATT JONES:  My putter.  I mean I hit it on the greens.  Not easy pins to get at.  But the holes that were difficult I hit actually really good shots in and had chances for birdies.
Made a couple of good long putts like on 16 for a birdie and then there was 30 on 13 was, you know, unbelievable where I hit my second shot.  It was a good day.

Q.  Greensboro has not always been kind to you.  You haven't always left here with a smile on your face.  Is it nice to exact a little revenge?
MATT JONES:  It's very nice.  That's the reason I played here this week, knowing where I was in the FedExCup, trying to get as high up as I can towards the 30 so this should help.  That's my goal, was to get to 30.

Q.  Obviously that's the next step.  You've taken a lot of big, positive steps this year.  What's been the difference?
MATT JONES:  My attitude.  Probably my putting -- I've always been a good ball striker, I've always been able to hit a golf shot.
My putting has been letting me down.  It was great in 2010 and then I had my clubs stolen and you know what a putter is like when you get one in your hand.  Then I could never find one.  It took me a couple years until I found one this year in Charlotte.

Q.  I guess just, you know, 8-under, just what was it about today that made everything go so well for you?
MATT JONES:  Made a lot of putts.  I hit it good.  I could have hit it closer.  I made a few 30-footers to get a round going and make a few like on the last holes to keep a round, save a round.

Q.  Low round on the day so far.  The feeling of knowing you can go out and shoot 8-under.
MATT JONES:  Every golfer out here can go and shoot that.  It's a matter if you hit the ball in the right spot and makes the putts.  You're on the PGA TOUR so you should be able to do it.  Just nice to be able to do it today.

Q.  Any thoughts about just waiting for the leaders to come in right now, maybe hoping get a couple bogies?  How does that work for you guys?
MATT JONES:  I will have my clubs packed.  I will not be -- 14-under with those holes to finish out there and guys ahead of me, there's no chance that I could have all those guys come back to me.  I'll be heading -- taking my caddy to the airport and packing my bags and getting ready to fly out to Jersey.

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