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August 17, 2013

Cristie Kerr

Morgan Pressel


Q.テつ Obviously it's not the way you guys wanted it to go.テつ Just tell me your thoughts about the match and how you just couldn't get things going there at the end.
MORGAN PRESSEL:テつ I don't think either of us certainly had our A game today.テつ When we both missed wedges to greens on 14 and 15, coming towards the end of the match, he know, we ‑‑
CRISTIE KERR:テつ Yeah, we handed them some holes for sure.
MORGAN PRESSEL:テつ We did.テつ Karine played great, and we just weren't able to capitalize on some of the early opportunities we did have.
CRISTIE KERR:テつ We had a chance to get the momentum early in the match and just couldn't do it.テつ And obviously it was their match.テつ You saw what happened on 18.テつ So we've got some work to do tomorrow.

Q.テつ Talk about the ruling that was on 16.テつ I wasn't really certain.
MORGAN PRESSEL:テつ It was a bit of a mess again.テつ Kind of like yesterday.テつ We don't necessarily agree with the ruling, but.

Q. テつWhat was the ruling?
MORGAN PRESSEL:テつ Just where her ball crossed the hazard.テつ I mean it didn't matter, we won the hole, but it just took forever.
CRISTIE KERR:テつ It took forever, it was a mess, and it made everybody a little frazzled.テつ And I mean, really, where my ball crossed, it kind of wasn't a question.テつ But we were just trying to get it right.テつ And we had to go to TV, and that took forever.テつ And then the fans got anxious and it was weird.
MORGAN PRESSEL:テつ It was a little rowdy.

Q.テつ Like you said, you won the hole though, do you feel like that got your fire going a little bit?
MORGAN PRESSEL:テつ We were very distracted.テつ So for me to be able to make birdie from where I was was just unbelievable.テつ And I was really proud of myself for that.

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