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August 17, 2013

Lisolette Neumann


Q.テつ Lotta, try and sum up that day for me if you will.
CAPTAIN LISELOTTE NEUMANN:テつ It's a wonderful feeling.テつ These girls played their hearts out.テつ It's awesome, it was a fantastic afternoon.テつ I'm so proud of them.

Q.テつ You've always been positive about your chances here, but did you ever envision this sort of score line?
CAPTAIN LISELOTTE NEUMANN:テつ No, but you can only hope and wish.テつ But, no, you're right, I couldn't imagine that it was going to look like this coming into the singles.
But I think that we did a pretty gutsy thing today, this afternoon, resting some of the girls, because I knew how important the singles were going to be tomorrow.テつ And sitting out Catriona and Anna and Suzann, and I knew they really needed to be rested for the singles.テつ But to think these girls were just going to step up to the plate like this and take all the matches in the afternoon?テつ It's unbelievable.

Q.テつ You sent out two rookies in the first match.テつ You basically gave them the job of getting the momentum.テつ Could you believe how well they played?
CAPTAIN LISELOTTE NEUMANN:テつ I saw that pairing when I picked Charley back in the British.テつ I just had a feeling about them.テつ I just wanted to play them and they didn't figure yesterday being the two, but after they played yesterday, they got a match in there and they were the perfect one to just send out there in the morning.テつ They were rested, they had time to practice and I just wanted them to go out there and put some blue only the board.

Q.テつ There's still work to do.テつ What will your message be to your team tonight?
CAPTAIN LISELOTTE NEUMANN:テつ Well, obviously now we're just going to celebrate a little bit here, but then obviously starting up for tomorrow we'll have to go back and just really focus in on the matches.テつ Like you said, stranger things have happened.テつ So we just really got to focus back and just try to do the same thing tomorrow.テつ Go out and win every match.

Q.テつ Does this situation affect your singles at all?
CAPTAIN LISELOTTE NEUMANN:テつ It might.テつ We haven't really talked about it.テつ Coming in with a big lead like this, we might need to discuss it some more though.

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