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August 17, 2013

Karine Icher

Beatriz Recari


THE MODERATOR:テつ Like to welcome Beatriz Recari from Spain Karine Icher from France who won their match today.テつ An amazing result, which resulted in a clean sweep for the afternoon.テつ Four‑balls for European, a five point lead going into the final day.テつ Could you tell me how it feels, obviously you seem a little tired, Beatriz, but Karine, what a great putt on 18.テつ Perhaps can you talk about that last hole.
KARINE ICHER:テつ It was a great putt.テつ 18 is not an easy hole, very long.テつ I hit a good second shot, but it went over, with the pressure.テつ We all know that, but I had no other choice but to take that club.
Then, I just tried to find a good speed for the putt, because I was downhill and the putt went in.テつ So it's very important to have won this match.テつ A half point is always a half point.テつ Tomorrow it can make the difference.テつ So just stay focused.
THE MODERATOR:テつ And how do you feel after such a long day, but you're putting is always your strength.テつ How do you feel about the results at the end of the day?
BEATRIZ RECARI:テつ Well, I think that in the morning Suzann and I played really well together.テつ And I think I putted really well, yes.テつ But in the afternoon, I mean, Karine played amazing.テつ It's great to have her as a partner.テつ That 18th putt shows how good she played and how good she is.
So, she deserves a lot of credit and praise today, and you played amazing.テつ We deserve that point in the afternoon and that point for Europe.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Any questions?テつ Please raise your hand.

Q.テつ Beatriz, did you think coming into the Solheim Cup that you guys, the Spaniards, were going to do this well, and how proud are you guys of the other girls?
BEATRIZ RECARI:テつ Well, coming in, I mean I was a rookie, and coming in there was so much I didn't know what was going to be or what was going to happen.テつ And I think that we Europeans, we have been playing well for a long time.テつ And you always see us in the leaderboard.
And it's not surprising that we're doing so well because I think that since we all got here on Sunday we have bonded as a team.テつ It didn't start on Friday, it started on Sunday.テつ And I think that's really been the difference.テつ We have been so encouraging, and supporting of each other all the way from the beginning that, you know, put together with our game, because we're really good, you get a result.テつ I mean it's no coincidence.

Q.テつ Karine, talk about coming down the 18th with all the players there from both teams and just now nervous you feel knowing how vital another point is.
KARINE ICHER:テつ Well, a lot of support and just to have my partner, like to be proud of us and proud of me and no, especially the support, it's very important to have all the team together.

Q.テつ Were you very nervous?
KARINE ICHER:テつ A little bit, yeah.テつ That kind of match, you always will be a little bit nervous, because you want to win.テつ Everyone wants to win.テつ And it's the Solheim Cup.テつ I mean it's not like a practice day.テつ So, obviously, everybody, both sides, was very nervous.

Q.テつ Karine, shortly before you guys came to 18, Angela Stanford was in a very similar place that you were and she played hers way out off that bank on the left.テつ You looked like you were looking pretty close to the hole the whole way.テつ Were you?
KARINE ICHER:テつ Yeah.テつ Yeah.テつ I just played a little bit left, but not much.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Perhaps just a word about Liselotte Neumann, your captain.テつ She's obviously doing a great job.テつ What do you think she's been like as a captain?
BEATRIZ RECARI:テつ Well, it's been an honor to have her as a captain.テつ And I will never forget my‑‑ this first Solheim Cup for me, with her as a captain.テつ She's been so kind and encouraging, and I think she always seems to be very approachable.テつ Like you could always go to her and ask her whatever kind of question.
And she made it for all the rookies and for everyone as well, just very easy transition into this kind of format.テつ We don't play team events often, we play once every two years, and for me that was the first‑time experience, you know.テつ She made it very easy for me, and she is just such a kind, and such a nice person that it's an honor to have her as a captain.
KARINE ICHER:テつ She always smiles.テつ No matter what.テつ I'm sure she is nervous and she feels a lot of pressure too, but she's always smiling.テつ And it gives us, anyway, it gives me more energy.テつ Good energy.

Q.テつ Could you explain what happened on the 16th hole, which took an awful long time?
BEATRIZ RECARI:テつ I was expecting this question.テつ I thought I was going to get away with it.
(Laughter.)テつ It's not you, it's all me now.テつ Yeah.
Okay.テつ So Morgan and Cristie were first, they teed off first.テつ And Morgan hit it beautifully on right side of the fairway.テつ On 16.テつ On the right fairway.
Cristie hit it into the hazard.テつ Now Karine hit it beautifully to the left side of the fairway and I hit it into the hazard coming from the left.テつ And Cristie wanted to play to the right side.テつ Okay.テつ So she hooked it left, and I sliced it right into the hazard.
So we were right there, just discussing the point of entry.テつ Because we couldn't find either of our balls, and we just were just trying to figure out the point of entry.
We were‑‑ we spent a lot of time trying to get any clearance from TV, and in my case, there were three people that could determine that they saw the ball bounce and where it‑‑ and the point of entry, that it was just in the line of that bush, just when I, where I dropped.
Those three people were, one was a TV commentator, that was your‑‑ right there on the fairway, on the left side of the fairway.テつ And two of them were the girls that stand there with the kind of the sign to saying Europe or USA.
No one could determine Cristie's.テつ So, because it was taking so long, and the video couldn't really was very inconclusive, they said, we were trying to figure out, okay, Cristie pointed there (Indicating) and I, according to those three people said, in the line of the bush.
Now, they didn't agree that it crossed there, so they said that I‑‑ when I hit the shot from the tee that I said it keeps slicing, which it's true, I did.テつ Because I thought it was slicing.テつ So with the wind from the left, you know.
And so then they were just going on and on and on that that was not the point of entry.
Obviously, there was nothing else that you could say.テつ I mean, the video couldn't tell, and it was just down to three people said right there or, and that's it.
So we had our group referee right there, he was on the other side, I didn't know, Janet, from the LPGA was the supervisor referee.テつ And so we both determined that, okay, well since there is no video that says it's right here, and neither for her, because Cristie's ball, nobody saw the point of entry.テつ It was just their side to our side.テつ And it's always going to be hard to come to an agreement.テつ We based my ball, my drop, according to three people that could, that agreed that it crossed right there.
KARINE ICHER:テつ And me too.
BEATRIZ RECARI:テつ And I mean, you know, I understand it's very conflicting situation.テつ I didn't have a very good time at all, because it's always‑‑ you don't want to be in such a conflict, you want to do whatever is fair.テつ And when I have to go all the way back, I go.テつ But when three people told me it was right there, I have to drop right there.テつ And I mean, we talked about it for‑‑ they told me 31 minutes, we were trying to discuss it.テつ And finally when Janet said, okay, we determined, and we agree that it was right there, that's where I dropped.
I'm not sure if they're upset, I'm pretty‑‑ I believe that they're upset about that.テつ But in the end, I think that bottom line, they won the hole.テつ So bottom line, I think that they should be happy, and they cannot blame anything because of my drop.テつ Because they won the point.テつ Morgan hit a beautiful shot, just short of the green, beautiful lag putt that I actually conceded that fourth shot birdie.テつ I mean, that's all I can say.

Q.テつ Let me just, as a follow‑up, 31 minutes today.テつ I think it was 27 minutes yesterday, regardless of who got the better ruling or whatever.テつ In your opinion, is there a better way to solve these kinds of things without it turning into World War III?
BEATRIZ RECARI:テつ Yeah, I know, you're always are going to‑‑ I mean it's hard.テつ Tennis you have the Hawkeye, whether it's in or out and so many times it's a matter of a millimeter, I mean how are you going to do this here?テつ It all comes down to TV.テつ And I think we have to be adults here and just have common sense.テつ And just, we could have had that drop a long time before.テつ It didn't need to last 31 minutes.テつ But of course we played in how many square acres of land?テつ How are you going to have any kind of Hawkeye or, I mean, for that you would have to have 20 volunteers per hole and still you could not, you could not cover that, because it all comes out to like exactly where.テつ And, I mean, it's never going to be perfect, but it's an estimate.テつ And in my case, again, three people confirmed.
KARINE ICHER:テつ And with the shape of the shot she did, she did a fade.
BEATRIZ RECARI:テつ They confirmed that it was right there.テつ And I mean it was the TV commentator, one side, and the two girls.テつ And the two girls were, right from the beginning, it was like, right here, right here.
So, I mean, and again, I don't know, I'm sure that they're upset about it, but, bottom line, they won the hole.テつ I mean, what can I say?テつ I mean, we have to be adults and when it's the video, we have TV for that.テつ If it is inconclusive, we have to come to agreement.テつ And that was the argument for 31 minutes, the referee and all of us trying to figure it out.テつ And we went back and forth.
And they told me that it was right behind.テつ But if you, if you stood where they thought that it crossed, I would be on the right fairway, in that line.テつ So, I mean, it was just a misunderstanding and a disagreement.テつ It was really 31 minutes of disagreement.テつ But on my side, I can say three people external like outside Karine, because obviously she has my best interests, so just to take her out, of the question, three people outside my team could determine where it crossed.テつ I cannot be clearer, I could not be louder, I could not be clearer.

Q.テつ Sorry to get you riled up.
BEATRIZ RECARI:テつ No, not because ‑‑ I'm sure that we're going to talk about this later and I want to emphasize what happened.テつ And it's only obviously my point of view, and my side of the story.
THE MODERATOR:テつ On that note we'll wrap this up.テつ Thank you very much for joining us today.

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