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August 17, 2013

Paula Creamer

Lexi Thompson


Q.テつ Just take me through the match.
PAULA CREAMER:テつ I didn't really show up until like the fourth or fifth hole.テつ Lexi played great.テつ She made a lot of birdies on the front.
We had some chances on the back nine to make some birdies, but they played really well.テつ And the birdie on 17 was a big one that Charley made.テつ Jodi hit a great shot into it, and we had to make birdie and we knew that.テつ But overall it's‑‑ that's what it is.テつ It's match play.テつ It's unfortunate, we had some good chances and made some good shots, but we just didn't make enough.

Q.テつ The winning 16, did you feel like that swung the momentum and then they sort of stole it back with the birdie on 17?
PAULA CREAMER:テつ Winning 16 was big.テつ We both hit good shots and then Charley hit a great shot in there to three feet and we both missed and she makes it and they win.
But that's golf, and that's what we kind of went through pretty much today.

Q.テつ Just talk me through the 7th hole.テつ What happened with the concession?
PAULA CREAMER:テつ Yeah, things happen out here.テつ It's an unfortunate thing.テつ I think you should kind of know the rules of match play for sure when you're out here, but at the same time Jodi and Charley apologized for what happened.テつ It's just not‑‑ it's obviously, it's not right, but Lexi made the putt and that kind of put an end to that.

Q.テつ Lexi, you made some nice birdies today.テつ Take me through how you feel you guys played.
LEXI THOMPSON:テつ I thought we played really well.テつ I sort of slowed down on the back.テつ I had my chances.テつ I hit some good putts, just little misreads, but overall they played great.
We probably shot like 5‑ or 6‑under each of us, so it wasn't from bad play, that's for sure.テつ It was just maybe a few missed putts here and there.

Q.テつ Sum up how you feel right now after this match.
LEXI THOMPSON:テつ Well, I'm a little upset that we lost obviously, but I'm happy with where my game's at overall.テつ I think that it's the best I've ever hit the ball.テつ It's all a matter of just dropping the putts that matter.テつ So, but I hit a lot of good shots today on the front nine, so I have to take a lot of positives out of it.

Q.テつ That birdie at 7, how sweet did it feel to roll that in after the controversy?
LEXI THOMPSON:テつ It felt really good.テつ There was a lot going on on the green.テつ Unfortunately, I had some other things on my mind, but I just tried to keep my focus on the putt and my read and it just went up to it confidently.

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