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August 16, 2013

Andy Murray


T. BERDYCH/A. Murray
6‑3, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Andy, you said beforehand sometimes you view this tournament as fine tuning your match before the US Open.テつ Did you achieve any of that today?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Well, I mean, I served well today, so much better than last week.テつ Served a lot of aces.
I moved well, and I was returning his first serve well.テつ I was getting a lot of returns back in play.テつ It was a bit inconsistent from the back of the court, which I wasn't in the first two matches.テつ Some of that will obviously be down to the way that he plays as well.
And the court was lively today.テつ It was bouncing pretty high.テつ It was quite tough to control the ball.テつ I made too many errors.
But, you know, the things that I really need to do well‑ serving, returning, moving‑ that was good.テつ But I'll need to work on my groundstrokes a bit, make sure I'm not making too many mistakes going into the US Open.

Q.テつ Andy, Tomas has a pretty good overall record against you head to head, and you knew that going in.テつ But with respect to the quicker conditions and everything, were there any things that you were going to do a little bit differently against him given the conditions here?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ No.テつ I mean, you have tactics for each player, and sometimes, you know, executing the tactics is tough.テつ That can be down to the way that your opponent plays.テつ Sometimes it's the way that he plays.テつ Sometimes it can be the conditions.テつ You need to make adjustments.
Today when I had my opportunities, you know, I didn't take them.テつ I had the Love‑40 game beginning of the second set; didn't get it.テつ Love‑30 beginning of the match.テつ Numerous times got to 30 on his serve, 15‑30, 30‑All points, and didn't quite get the breakthrough.
That was the problem today.

Q.テつ Is it a bit difficult out there with all the noise that is generated at Center Court?テつ It seems like a disco sometimes out there when you're trying to concentrate as a player.
ANDY MURRAY:テつ It's a bit different.テつ It's not what we're used to.テつ It's slightly different atmosphere at Wimbledon, that's for sure.

Q.テつ You've got to concentrate even more so and try to block out all the extraneous stuff that's happening around you out in that Grandstand?テつ There seemed to be a lot of movement, a lot of noise.
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Yeah, I guess so.テつ I think in some ways it's good preparation for the US Open, because normally the US Open is fairly loud.テつ You know, a lot of movement and music, and they have the big screen and stuff.
So, yeah, you get used to that, playing here.テつ But it's obviously different.テつ The grass court season is very quiet, and then coming here it's noisy.テつ There's a lot of energy, and that's something you need to try and feed off.

Q.テつ You mentioned a couple questions ago that it was very quick out there today.テつ This is your second consecutive match on Grandstand.テつ Was the speed of the court, was that actually quicker today than your previous match the last round?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Well, the temperature picked up, and with the balls here, when it gets warm, the ball bounces higher.テつ So you need to play a little more topspin.
The first couple of rounds, I was able to hit the ball quite flat and wasn't kind of flying on me; today it was happening a little bit.
That's what happens on tennis courts.テつ You can play one day, and in Fahrenheit it can be 65 degrees, and the next day it can be 80, 85.テつ You just need to make adjustments.
You go up and down on your string tension; try to put a little more spin on the ball to counter that.

Q.テつ Will you take a couple of days off now before you start practicing for the Open in?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ I'm not sure yet.テつ I normally take a day off towards the end of the week before the slams, because normally the first few days‑‑ when I get there, I like to work pretty hard and get a solid amount of time on the courts there to get used to them.
And then I like to take a day off around Thursday, Friday.テつ It can also get quite busy towards the weekend with press and various commitments and stuff.
So I'll take probably tomorrow off and then a day near the end of next week.

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