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August 17, 2013

Brittany Lincicome

Lizette Salas


Q.テつ I know not the way you wanted to finish, but it's a half a point.テつ Every point on the board seems to be a good thing right now.テつ So tell me about that match.テつ It just seemed the back nine was really up‑and‑down, back and forth.
BRITTANY LINCICOME:テつ It was.テつ I feel like I was not putting good.テつ We had so many chances, and Lizette played so good today, and just a couple 5‑footers that needed to go in just didn't.テつ So we couldn't get the momentum going.
We would get 2‑up, but then the next hole we seemed to hit a tee shot bad or do something bad to kind of not keep it going.テつ So it was just kind of up‑and‑down and unfortunately, they hit an awesome shot on the last hole and nothing we can do about that.
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ That's what you kind of expect from them coming down the stretch.テつ And Brittany, did an amazing job keeping me in the fairway.テつ And we didn't execute the shots that we needed to, but still we're on the board and we made some good clutch putts.テつ But we just couldn't seal the deal on 17 and, yes, we can both say it was our fault, but at the end of the day we're a team and we kept each other in check.テつ We helped each other out today.
She's ‑‑ I've only had two partners, but I enjoyed playing with her and just to be up on the board finally, and in my first Solheim Cup.テつ It's ‑‑ it feels good, but at the same time we're both perfectionists and we wanted to win so bad.

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