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August 16, 2013

Cristie Kerr

Michelle Wie West


Q.テつ Michelle, I'll start with you.テつ You just appear to be a far different player in this format than in normal stroke play situations.テつ Is that a conscious effort or is that just the enormity of what these matches bring?
MICHELLE WIE:テつ I love match play, I love Solheim Cup, I love my country and I love Cristie Kerr.
(Laughter.)テつ And I just had a blast out here.テつ My goal is to get them going, you know.テつ It's just so much fun, it's an opportunity to come once in a lifetime, so I really had fun.

Q.テつ Cristie, you said this morning you were hoping to take some of the momentum from the finish this morning, where you finished extremely well, into the afternoon, you did it.テつ Is that the best you've putted in a while?
CRISTIE KERR:テつ Yeah, I think so.テつ Especially under these kind of conditions, under this kind of pressure.テつ I played really, really well.テつ I made a lot of putts and I just tried to keep us in there and make a big putt when I needed to.テつ And I did this a few times and Michelle made an absolutely clutch putt there at the end.

Q.テつ You guys didn't really have any breathing room.テつ They never let up.
CRISTIE KERR:テつ No, Beany's a great player, and they never let up. テつAnd Charley is a great player as well, a real talent, and they gave us a tough match.テつ And it was all about who could stick it out the longest and make the big putts, clutch putts, when we needed to, and we were able to do that.

Q.テつ And you made a few yourself including a great bunker shot.
MICHELLE WIE:テつ Yeah, those two bunker shots, they both looked like they were going in.テつ We just fed off each other's energy today.テつ She got my back when I didn't play well and I got hers.テつ And we just did well today and we needed that point, so it feels great.

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