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August 16, 2013

Brittany Lang

Brittany Lincicome


Q.テつ Talk about the round and how it went and how you guys got momentum going.
BRITTANY LINCICOME:テつ I think it was a great day.テつ We feed off each other's energy, we love to play together.テつ It was one hole after the next.
The first hole we went 1‑down, which is obviously not the way to start your day.テつ But we kept telling each other two balls in the fairway, two balls on the green, and eventually it will have to turn around, unless they start making a bunch of birdies.
But we made birdies on 9 and 10 to flip the momentum our way and just kind of had the pedal down.

Q.テつ You had some clutch shots from the green and from the sand.テつ Talk about that and just how that kind of got you guys excited.
BRITTANY LANG:テつ Early on Brittany was playing great.テつ She got us up ‑‑ and I wasn't doing a whole lot ‑‑ and then I finally came around and helped with the bunker shot.テつ So that was very fortunate for that to go in.テつ But we played well together and we fed off each other and it was fun.

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