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August 16, 2013

Bryce Molder


Q.  Bryce Molder, trying to solidify a pretty good regular season headed into The Playoffs.  How would you first assess your first 36 holes?
BRYCE MOLDER:  Solid.  Nothing spectacular but my short game has been pretty good and I've made most of the putts that you're supposed to make and I went bogey-less yesterday and the round looked pretty similar to today but yet today a bunch of birdies and bunch of bogies.  That's kind of the way it is out here.  You can hit some good shots and make some bogies you happen to be in the wrong spot.  And then also you can miss it, you know, for most of the day and if you miss in the right places and chip and putt well you get away with it.

Q.  You focus on the task at hand and that is here at Sedgefield but at some point peripherally --
BRYCE MOLDER: One the shot at a time.

Q.  Peripherally.  Are you thinking about the big events to come in The Playoffs?
BRYCE MOLDER:  Absolutely.  I played pretty well in Boston a couple times and I'd like to get there right now, I'm sitting at about 100, you know, I'd love to go in the next week knowing that I was going to make it to the following week.
I've got to play really well this week to do that.  All that kind stuff is always in your mind.  When you're hitting a shot, you're hitting a shot but those things do cross your mind and that's what's kind of cool about the nature of the FedEx.

Q.  You're going to be chasing on the weekend.  The weather forecast says weather is going to have some rain.  As somebody who is chasing, you like that or not?
BRYCE MOLDER:  I don't know.  Honestly, you can play firm and fast and then the leaders might come back to you if you post 2-under and get soft and getable and you can go out and shoot 5, 6-under.
 So, I mean, who knows.  With how good these greens are I don't know if they're going to soften up or slow down.  I think it's going to be pretty good.

Q.  It will be fun.  Thanks for your time.

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