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August 16, 2013

Charlie Wi


Q.テつ Charlie, I think if I came in to the final tournament of the year 119 in FedExCup Points I would have been pretty nervous in just trying to make the cut.テつ How did you avoid that mindset?
CHARLIE WI:テつ Well, I feel like I've been in The Playoffs last three weeks in Canada and missed the cut there and fortunately I had a good week in Reno and it's not that The Playoffs started this week, it started a couple weeks ago.
So, my mindset has been like come on, let's go, keep pushing yourself.テつ I've been working really hard to prepare myself so it's not -- it's not like I entered this tournament as this is looking at it like -- I entered this tournament to move on, not just to stay in the same position.

Q.テつ You've had, by your own standards, a worse year than you had in the last few years, two more rounds like this and it becomes the best year of your career.テつ That's an interesting dynamic, isn't it?
CHARLIE WI:テつ You know -- it's been a crazy year.テつ I've worked really hard on my game and sometimes, you know, you could overwork yourself and I feel like things are turning around and all the hard work I put into it I've had some good results the last few weeks.
I'm very excited about what I'm doing.テつ I know my rookie year I was told if you work hard now, might not payoff tomorrow or the next week but it's going to show up down the line.

Q.テつ What is your mindset going forward?
CHARLIE WI:テつ Well, you know, just want to stay aggressive.テつ I am in the position of 119 and I'd like to get to 100, get to 70 and Top 30.テつ I got some steps that I want to achieve.テつ My mind set is to stay aggressive and play hard.

Q.テつ Good to see you playing so well.
CHARLIE WI:テつ Thanks.テつ I appreciate it.

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