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August 16, 2013

Bob Estes


Q.テつ Bob, you didn't finish it like you wanted but that was one of the better rounds of the afternoon.テつ Your thoughts?
BOB ESTES:テつ I played really well on the front-9, shot 5-under.テつ The back-9 is tougher.テつ I did hit a poor tee shot and bogeyed 10.テつ Kind of slowed me down.
Then the 3 putts on 15 and 17.テつ Had a really fast putt on 15 for eagle and just got away from me and then birdie putt I had on 17 was really difficult and fast and that one got away from me, too.テつ Played really well, overall, just 3-putted the holes.

Q.テつ The scores today, what do you think the scores today what they were, what do you think about them?
BOB ESTES:テつ I haven't gone back over too much and thought about the pin placements relative to yesterday.テつ The greens are so fast.テつ It's hard to -- on the fairway it's hard to get the ball close to the hole and even if you're on the green the greens are so slippery for the slopes that you're dealing with, it's just really difficult to sometimes just to keep it there.

Q.テつ Good luck on the weekend?
BOB ESTES:テつ Thank you.

Q.テつ You had a fast start there on your front-9.テつ Tapered off a little bit on the back-9.テつ You had the bogey at 17.テつ Maybe just kind of round up your round as a whole today and how it went for you.
BOB ESTES:テつ I got off to a really good start.テつ The front-9 is not as difficult as the back.テつ I made 5 birdies on front.テつ The poor tee shot on 10 that led to bogey and three-putted a couple times.
Three-putted for eagle on 15 or had an eagle putt.テつ Then I three-putted and made a bogey on 17.テつ Those two holes kind of hurt.テつ Didn't need to be 3-putting those holes.テつ Back-9 is a difficult 9.テつ Probably got five of the hardest six, seven holes on the course.

Q.テつ The morning group, it just seemed like there were a lot more guys kind of climbing up the leaderboard.テつ In the afternoon just you and John Huh.
Do you know why that may have been?テつ Any difference in what was going on this morning and this afternoon on the greens?
BOB ESTES:テつ Little bit more moisture starting out each day.テつ My first putt yesterday was picking up dew on the way to the hole.テつ I think early on the greens were just a little bit slower and they're going to speed up as the day goes along and they're not going to be quite as pure as they are at the beginning of the round.

Q.テつ Feeling good going into the weekend.テつ You're in contention right now.テつ What's it going to take for you to come away with that Sam Snead Trophy on Sunday?
BOB ESTES:テつ I don't need to 3-putt like I did on the two holes.テつ The greens are difficult.テつ I'm hitting it pretty well, making some putts.テつ I'm still kind of learning some things about my game and hopefully the next couple of days will -- I'll play well and from maybe what I learned the last two days.

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