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August 16, 2013

Jessica Korda

Morgan Pressel


Q.テつ What really got it going for you guys today?
MORGAN PRESSEL:テつ We both played really solid.テつ We made a lot of pars.テつ Alternate shot is a tough to format and a tough golf course.
And Beany and Jodi did not play their best golf, but we were able to capitalize on that and made a lot of good par saves, and some really strong 5‑footers.テつ And I mean that clutch putt she made to win the match, that's my partner.

Q.テつ Talk about, you're a rookie, this is your first match.テつ Talk about that experience and just what Morgan was like as a partner.
JESSICA KORDA:テつ I don't think I would ever want to share this with anybody, but she's my big little sister.テつ She was great out there.テつ Kept me calm always, like with conversation.テつ And the crowd is unbelievable.テつ This is‑‑ it gives me chills walking down every fairway.テつ You hear USA chants all the time and this is a great first experience.

Q.テつ Talk about the first tee.テつ I know you may have been a little nervous, were you as nervous as they said you were going to be?
JESSICA KORDA:テつ No, I was more nervous on the second shot when Morgan was hitting than when I was actually hitting myself.テつ But after I got past the first hole I was pretty okay.
MORGAN PRESSEL:テつ We both struggled a little bit this morning.テつ It's been two years since I played in the Solheim Cup, playing on home soil, I had a little jitters this morning and I think that's normal.テつ I think that if you don't feel that here at this kind of an event, you're not human.

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