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August 16, 2013

Suzann Pettersen

Beatriz Recari


Q.テつ First experience of Solheim Cup.テつ Describe the thrill for me.
BEATRIZ RECARI:テつ Incredible thrill.テつ I have won before, but this tops it.テつ This is so amazing to be able to be part of a team and to get a point, I mean this is just a lot more than just the satisfaction you get for a personal win.
And it was an honor to play with such an amazing player as Suzann.テつ She‑‑ you can always count on her, and she really putted incredibly well.テつ And so I think that we're just really happy to get the first points or another point for Europe today.

Q.テつ Suzann, you have had a number of partners, you played 20 matches and only lost five.テつ How good was this one?
SUZANN PETTERSEN:テつ She's a rock star.テつ She's so solid.テつ She's the one you can count on when it really matters.テつ She stepped it up today.テつ I'm really proud of her.
I got goose bumps.テつ For her to get her first point on American soil is massive and a great start and I think that it's worked out pretty well.テつ So we trust each other and we just deliver for each other and it's just an amazing feeling.

Q.テつ Most people say they never feel any pressure like Solheim Cup pressure.テつ How was it out there?
BEATRIZ RECARI:テつ It's the most pressure I ever felt.テつ Because it's not only for you, it's for a team and it's for something greater than yourself.テつ So you have a little extra pressure to hit the shots.
But again, it was great to play with her.テつ And like I said, you can always count on her, but always just having her by your side, it calms you down as well.テつ So just I think it was a solid match.

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